There's something about discovering new places that has always interested me. The way a few hours on a plane takes you to what feels like a whole new world *cue I Can Show You The World* and you are instantly immersed in a different language, culture, way of life. Sadly, I haven't done as much traveling as I'd like to but I'm hoping that'll change soon enough. As everyone is planning to take off to an island in the Caribbean this winter break, I thought I'd share with you some different locations that would be fun to visit this year! If I had to choose which one of these to visit this year, there's no doubt I'd choose New York. I've had this slight obsession with looking up what things to do, places to eat, and what neighbourhoods to live in (yes, I day dream about living there one day, at least for a year). Although most of the places I included are snowy during this season, Australia is currently in summer mode! I definitely can't say no to an Aussie accent ;)
Are you going anywhere this winter break? Comment below or tell me what you'll be doing if you're staying home! I can't wait to have fun in the snow!


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