Faith Friday: Lending A Hand

I'm so sorry for posting this late today but I had an exam this afternoon so my schedule got quite congested. Today was definitely a crazy day! Not only because I'm exhausted but I had two frustrating/scary encounters while on the bus...

This morning while on the way to my exam, the bus shut down in the middle of the highway. You can just imagine how stressed I got when I thought I wouldn't make it to my exam. Thankfully I got in just in time. Okay, this is where the story takes a turn for the worst. While on the way back home, I heard a strange noise coming from the street and when I turned I witnessed a driver lose control of his vehicle and slam into the bus I was on. Needless to say, my heart practically stopped. It was like something from a movie. I watched as another human being fought for their life and I couldn't do anything about it. I was an observer, nothing more. After recovering from the mini heart attack I had, I started thinking, if it were possible for me to do something, would I?

In my psychology courses we've learned about diffusion of responsibility. How in times of extreme circumstances we often get into the mindset that someone else will help out. It's really funny because when I first learned about this concept a few months ago, I experienced this for myself firsthand. My phone had died on me and I couldn't reach my mom. I was okay at first but then I started to panic. How was I supposed to call my mom with no phone and no money?! When I got the courage to ask someone if I could borrow their phone I got shut down 4 times. Not once, but four! In that moment I vividly remembered every single moment that someone had asked me to borrow my phone or some spare change, and I had shut them down. Sometimes it takes being that position to understand what it's really like. 

The lessons I've learned on this have opened my eyes to the lack of compassion our generation holds. If you see someone struggling, you stand there and stare. It seems only logical that the job of helping them out is for another individual, but Jesus says otherwise because he isn't guided by logic, he is guided by the Holy Spirit. Here's what the Bible says about lending a hand:

"Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God"
Heb 13:16

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others"
Phil 2:4

"We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves" - Romans 15:1

So you see, a part of finding your identity is realizing that you were made for service, in whatever form that may take. I still struggle with being cynical at times and let the favour He pours out onto me be transferred to those who need it the most in this world. I need to ask the Lord to put aside my skeptical mentality and trust that whatever I do for others with a willing heart will be received by Him with open arms. That brings me to another very important point. Helping others should never be motivated by the desire to receive praise from anyone! This completely goes against what Jesus taught and what the Bible wants from us when helping our neighbour. Remember that He lifts up those who are humble, so do things for the mere fact that you are showing compassion and love to others and sharing His mercy with them. I encourage you to take a step forward as the valiant son/daughter of Christ and be the first to offer yourself up to the service of others. Let's make that our mission for what remains of December and let it continue into the New Year. 

Happy weekend everybody and a quick thank you for those who have been reading my blog, it means the world to me!!!!

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