Faith Fridays: Don't Be A Disney Princess

One of the things that little girls everywhere identify with are princesses from Disney movies. The beautiful girls with poofy dresses and a castle. It's all so glamourous.... but we can't forget about the epic love story that is without fail in every single movie. The handsome prince coming to her rescue and living happily ever after *swoon*. But have you ever wondered what message is truly being conveyed to little girls who then grow up to be women?...  No? Well let me tell you.

The girl who becomes a princess or is already one in these movies, has it pretty bad. Whether it's an evil stepmother, or a witch trying to kill her, the princess has some serious challenges to get through before her "happily ever after". The worst part about it is that these movies make it pretty clear that the solution in the end is a prince. Her problems aren't solved unless a man sweeps her off her feet and fights her battle. In the end, her prince makes her complete, he was the missing puzzle piece. Can you imagine what kind of ideas girls grow up with and the expectations we hold? I'm a testament to that and only recently have I shifted gears and realized that no man could ever save me, only God has that ability. 

Girls who grow up with these examples feel like they have a void that needs to be filled, and sadly they fill it with things that ultimately leave them emptier. It leads to phrases in relationships like "you complete me" which couldn't be more destructive. If you recall, the Bible tells us that "in Christ you have been made complete, and He is the head of all rule and authority" - Colossians 2:10 

So you shouldn't be looking to fill some void that you imagine is there because you aren't in a meaningful relationship with a guy. You are made to fullness in Christ. When I say full, I don't mean that there's a drop missing, I mean full as in overflowing. When you pour out of yourself into Him, He pours out of His spirit into you. With Him completing you, there's no need to wait for a text, for flowers, or for a simple "you're beautiful", your worth is made clear through His unfailing love. A love that isn't shaken by anything, nothing you do could ever separate you from that. The man that God has for you is your ideal compliment, the person who will add to your life since it's already complete with Christ at the centre!

You shouldn't be living your life thinking that you need a prince to make you a princess, cause guess what, YOUR DAD IS THE KING OF KINGS! You heard me right! You were born a princess and your title doesn't come because of a man's affection. The only saving you ever needed was done for you when Jesus died on that cross and your happily ever after is waiting for you right now, in this very moment. The journey of life is your happily ever after when you surrender it to Christ and the big ending isn't riding off into the sunset with a guy, it's living your life directed by God's perfect plan. 

God isn't done with you yet, He's only just getting started. For every girl who grew up thinking her life would start when someone fell deeply in love with her, know that God is already so in love with you and has every desire to make you so happy. Your life is developing each day. Take advantage of every opportunity, seek God with all your heart, and one day, when the time is right, the extra bonus of having a husband will come to you. The key is remembering that because you're still in a transformative process, you aren't ready to be someone else's "the one" so how can you expect to already get your "one." It's all give and take. Work on yourself, not for the benefit of just preparing for marriage but to become a woman who exemplifies all the fruits of the Spirit. Disney princesses don't stand a chance against the daughters of the Most High. You're truly a princess! 

Have an awesome weekend and thanks for stopping by! 

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