Give The Gift Of Giving

Every year during the holidays we are reminded that it's not about the presents! Yes, it is a thoughtful way of letting someone know that you appreciate their role in your life but you can do so much more, all the time. The gift of giving shouldn't be limited to one single day of the year. We need to make ourselves available to others and show them we care by supporting them in times of need. Today was a rather good example of this. The ice has been hitting us hard and last night we lost power. I woke up to a very cold and dark house. When I got the courage to look outside at my neighbourhood, I realized that the fallen branches from the trees had damaged a lot of my neighbours' cars. Although my family was left with a damaged car that later broke down, it wasn't time to think about ourselves but to lend a hand to those who were also needing it.

It's the perfect way to show people you care, even if they're strangers. A box filled with chocolates wouldn't do that but helping them move a branch from their damaged car was certainly a step. A small act of kindness goes a long way, any time of the year. I've found that the moments I transmit Christ the most can be as simple as a "Have a great day!" or "Would you like some help?" Very often you'll get the grouchy people who aren't impressed by what you've done, but sometimes they will stop in their tracks and realize that their attitudes could use some positivity. Humans can be weird sometimes, bothered by things that others would smile about, but it's no excuse not to try. Every day should be a new opportunity to do something nice for someone else! This coming year, starting from today even, I hope to bring at least one person joy each day. Clean off your glasses (spiritual ones of course) and be sensitive to the needs of others. 

Join me?

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