My MAC Lipstick Collection (so far)

It's no surprise that my first step into the high end beauty waters was through MAC. Back in the day, there were basically three makeup categories: drugstore, MAC, and everything else. I still remember walking into the store and buying my first item (the paint pot in Rubenesque) and feeling so posh ha! A few years later, and the MAC craze has kind of died down for me but there is always something at MAC that will forever tug at my heartstrings and that's lipsticks! I can never walk past a store and not leave with a hand full of lipstick swatches and making a list in my head of what the next one will be. Since the collection has grown in the past few months, I thought I'd share the lipsticks I own and tell you which ones are must haves!

L to R: Creme d'Nude, Shy Girl, Peach Blossom, Modesty, Lovelorn, Syrup, Up The Amp, Morange

As you can tell from the picture above, 6 out of the 8 lipsticks I own are in the neutral shade range. On an everyday basis, I tend to gravitate towards those shades so I find it to be more cost effective if I buy shades that I'll wear often and save more of the bright colours for drugstore purchases since I don't grab for them as often. But let's be real, there are some gorgeous bright shades at MAC that I'm dying to get my hands on (Rebel is next come Fall time!). 

My first ever lipstick was Hue, which I don't have anymore because I used it to the last swipe but the longest standing one in the collection is Creme D'Nude, which you can see is on its last legs. I was a huge nude lip lover back in the day so it's no surprise those were my first two purchases. I don't use Creme D'Nude often now on it's own, but I will use it to white out the natural pigmentation of my lips if I need to tone it down or as a base for sheerer lip glosses to stand out more. 

Now, for Back 2 MAC lipsticks. The first one I chose was Up The Amp, which is SO out of my comfort zone but I guess that's why I chose it. If I'm gonna get a lipstick for free, might as well choose something I wouldn't spend my money on normally. It's quite the unique shade and I only pull it out on rare occasions but I do love mixing it with a peachy pink gloss to create a really cool effect! The latest Back 2 MAC I did was for Syrup. Lily Pebbles constantly talks about this shade and my mom had it in her makeup bag a few years ago and I surprisingly really liked it so I thought it would be a good one to go for. A neutral pink with mauve undertones that gives enough colour but is truly an unexpected take on the classic neutral lip. 

The one lipstick I would say to get: Peach Blossom. I seriously love this. Perfect for everyday and goes with just about everything. It's a cremesheen so it goes on really smooth and it has the ideal mix of pink, peach, brown... oh my, this is just a beauty! To finish off the neutral and pink lipstick section we've got Shy Girl, Modesty and Lovelorn which are my most recent additions. Shy Girl is a ViviannaDoesMakeup suggestion, as most of my makeup choices are, but this is a really nice peachy nude that definitely leans more peach. At first, I thought it would wash me out but I was pleasantly surprised at how flattering it is. This one is gonna be one that I grab for a lot when doing more smoked out looks on the eyes! Modesty is one that doesn't look very special in the tube but oh dear, it is just gorgeous when worn. It's a dusty muted pink shade with a bit more of a brown undertone that is so flattering and kinda has that whole sophisticated look down. It's a good default shade if you want something neutral. Last but not least in the neutral category is Lovelorn, which is definitely the most pink of the bunch but is really pretty. It has less warm undertones and stronger blue base to it then any other lipstick I have but that helps it look really fresh and the pink pops more on the lips, despite it being more neutral than a pink like Chatterbox. 

The last one sticks out like a sore thumb when next to all of my lipsticks but I just love Morange. It is not for the faint of heart but there's nothing like it! it's a true orange and I love wearing it during this season because it's a bit unexpected but definitely on trend and brightens up your whole face. It's an amplified finish so the colour pay off is amazing but unlike a matte finish, it doesn't make your lips feel or look dry! So glad I purchased this one and I can't wait to wear it as the Summer heats up even more. 

There you have it, my MAC lipstick collection. Sooner or later, I'll probably film a video where I actually apply them on which is really helpful, and by that time I'm sure there may be a few more added to the bunch. Have any MAC lipstick recommendations for me? I always love discovering new shades so send them my way!!! Hope you have the best week.

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