Foundation Review: Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet

Here we are again, it's just me and my love for testing out new foundations! A few weeks ago I walked into a department store to finally swatch Chanel's newest addition to their foundation lineup. Of course I'd done my research and I basically already knew my shade so when it came time for the sales associate to push me into a purchase, there was no way I could resist. It felt like a rite of passage to get my first Chanel item so it came home with me and we've been friends ever since!

The product in question is Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet (my shade is B30). I'm sure you've all heard of the ever so popular, similarly packaged Vitalumiere Aqua for ages now, so this release seemed really interesting. It's a water based formula just like VA but the finish is beautifully matte and velvety, hence the name choice. I never jumped the gun with VA but this just seemed too good to be true! Same lightweight feel, light to medium buildable coverage, and it's oil free, which makes it perfect for the summer months. 

What I loved most about this was the feel and the finish! I can honestly say it feels like you're putting on water on your face, there is nothing heavy about it. As you smooth it on, you can start to feel it transform into a sort of powder but the finish is never chalky or dry looking. This isn't the foundation for you if you want a super glowy look to the skin but I think the formula allows the skin to look natural, but just a little less shine-free. This is another one of those "no makeup, makeup" foundations (which apparently are my fave) because it's completely undetectable with a light layer but it's still able to build up coverage where you need it most and not cake up on you. Doesn't that sound like sweet music to your ears?

Application wise, this is definitely one you'll want to smooth on with your fingers. Because of the very watery texture of this, your brushes will likely soak up most of the product! It really just melts into the skin so make sure to pay attention to where you applied it because there have been times where I don't even know where it starts and ends on my face. If you'd like, you can certainly apply it with fingers and then go in with a brush and buff away at any edges! So you've applied it, now the question is, how long does it last? I'd say this has pretty decent staying power for being such a lightweight base but I wouldn't go into it thinking you'll get more than 6-7 hours without it fading a bit. It does do a pretty good job of controlling oils though, so by the end of the day, you still have more of a demo-matte look to the skin. 

Now, the stats. This comes in a 30 mL bottle for $48, which is a little steep but there are others for much more out there on the market! Like I mentioned earlier, it is oil-free but not fragrance free, so you might want to be cautious with that. This foundation has an SPF of 15 so I wouldn't recommend it for flash photography but this isn't a foundation you'd probably choose for a night out. Final thoughts? If you like a lightweight feeling foundation, with decent coverage and staying power, but like a more matte natural look, this is a really great option! Definitely a staple in my foundation drawer for the Spring and Summer!
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  1. I'll def have to ask about that next time I'm at a Chanel counter! I was looking at their Les Bieges line with my mom and she ended up getting their sunscreen! Did you nab the YSL Baby Doll yet?!

    1. Yes, definitely check it out! Oh, the Les Beiges collection has me drooling. The blush-like powder and the new base look amazing. No, haven't gotten the YSL Baby Doll yet, have to stop by Sephora ASAP :) (such an enabler, Huong! ;)


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