Don't Ever Change?

I'm gonna hit you with a bit of flashback right now but does anyone remember when you'd get your yearbook and when your friends would ask to sign it they would include the infamous "Don't ever change" clause at the end?

When I would read it before it seemed like such a compliment. Someone was saying that I was so great it was better to stay the way I was. WRONG! With each passing year I realize how immature I was the previous year and how much I have to continue changing with God's help. The truth is, change is inevitable and necessary. Can you imagine if you took those three words, don't ever change, seriously and just stayed where you were? You would never be prepared to receive all the blessings God has planned for you because you need characteristics that take time and nurturing to cultivate in your life that allow you to reach your fullest potential in Christ!

We are constantly developing, learning, and growing in His ways and it takes time. It doesn't happen overnight and it requires you to put in a whole lot of effort, but it's worth it. Sometimes it's hard to remember that all the work you put into developing a relationship with Christ will be worth it, no matter the hardships we go through to get there. I like the analogy of a butterfly. Caterpillars aren't very pretty (I don't like bugs...) but if it weren't for the strenuous process they go through, they would never turn into beautiful butterflies (again, I try to stay away but they really are pretty). Going through metamorphosis might not look very attractive during the process, but the outcome outweighs all the rest.

Just read through Galatians 5: 22-23. If you have a hard time wondering what you should strive to obtain during your journey through life, it should be centered on these things. You should look to be the embodiment of love, joy and peace and be able to transmit that to others, no exclusions. Seek to have forbearance, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Even if you aren't strong in faith, these things are applicable to every single one of us and I'm sure that if we all aimed to be all of these things, this world would be a much happier place. 

Don't be content in the same place where you find yourself. Look for ways to change and improve and BE the change! It all starts with you because you just can't expect someone else to do it for you! Here's a little something that I made to remind me of things I want to be more of, you can save the picture on your phone and have it with you so that you can remind yourself of it too! 

Last little tidbit -- I'm thinking of scheduling my faith posts on a specific day so you know when to expect a little bit of Jesus in your life brought to you by yours truly. So, I've decided to do them on Fridays :) Help me decide what to call these posts in the comments below, maybe Faith Fridays? Stay happy x

Winter Essentials

Topshop Fur Pom Beanie // The North Face Etip Gloves // SOREL Joan of Arctic Boots // The North Face Brooklyn Jacket // Target Snood Scarf // The North Face Denali Fleece Jacket // Target Slipper Socks // Aerie Fur-Lined Slippers
Baby, it's cold outside! I cannot believe Fall is basically over and there's snow starting to creep up on us. If you're looking to bundle up but don't want to sacrifice the cute factor, here are some options for your winter needs! 
Gloves are classic but now that practically everyone has a smartphone with a touch screen, those old gloves in the back of your closet aren't gonna cut it. Introducing the North Face Etip gloves! When I first learned about these I knew they would be at the top of my Christmas wish list, plus they come in a so many fun colours! Who says you have to wear boring colours in the winter?! Since my current jacket and snow boots have been in use for the past 3 winters (yikes!), I need a bit of an update this year and I'm definitely going to be investing in SOREL boots! Again, you can be stylish and not freeze your toes off. And can we please talk about those Target socks, so stinkin' cute! These come in different prints so if you want a snowman or more plain socks, there are options for you!
Hopefully some of these picks will inspire you with ideas on how to spice up your winter wardrobe and stay warm out there! This is just the beginning... sadly. 

Women Who Inspire

One of the most inspiring things for me is seeing that women who are passionate about things they love are able to rise up to the challenge of starting companies in such a male-dominated world. There's nothing better than learning about how someone who is now a well established business woman started off. A majority of the time it's not a glamorous as one may think and things don't happen overnight. That has to be one of the most valuable lessons I've learned from researching the path that these women have taken to get to where they are today! 
Bobbi Brown
 Quite possibly one of the coolest women out there and my biggest inspiration! Reading her story here really opened my eyes to the hard work and dedication needed to make your dreams come true. She has revolutionized the cosmetics world and has developed products that thousands of people love and use daily. One of my favourite things about her is that her goal is to inspire girls to "Be pretty. Be confident. Be who you are" through her Pretty Powerful campaign and I couldn't agree more with her vision. She knows that makeup isn't the end all and be all of feeling beautiful but with it, women feel that much better and can take on the world with confidence to make things happen! 

Tory Burch
This woman is not only beautiful but truly a visionary and exemplifies what it means to persevere and truly find a balance between a career and home life. She never had schooling for fashion design but started off working with brands like Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren and writing for Harper's Bazaar. In 2004, she began making her clothing in her kitchen and just one short year later Oprah was endorsing her! Now that's what I call results. What I admire most about her is that when she does interviews or is part of a conference with other business women, she doesn't hesitate to give them advice and tips she has learned, which I think is amazing! I love when successful people are also humble! Plus, she manages all of this success with raising her children which shows the rest of us, that yes, you can make it work.
Maureen Kelly
 The creator of Tarte cosmetics, Maureen is the perfect example of a woman who created what was missing in the market. She noticed that there were no products available that were filled with good-for-you ingredients and were high performance, so she created her own cosmetics from her one bedroom apartment in New York (I guess her and Tory have a lot in common then!) it's incredible that since 1999 when she launched the company, it has grown 10 fold and is now among some of the most talked about beauty brands in the world. Her vision was clear and she knew that she had to cater to other women who had the same needs, and that it something we can all learn from! I love that she wasn't afraid to do it on her own and for years after starting, was still delivering samples to companies herself and packaging the products with the help of her family and friends. Truly amazing! The best part is that she believes in giving back and has been helping communities in the Amazon improve their living conditions. Now I get why so many of her products are Amazonian ;) 

Who are you inspired by? Comment below and share!

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Under $25

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10.
I can't begin to explain how much I love this time of year. The fact that I've been doing a countdown for Christmas on my phone since May is evidence enough. it's like there's something different in the air, people are warmer, everything is lit up to perfection and I get to spend time with the people I love the most. I think it means more to me now because growing up I didn't get the chance to do the whole Christmas thing so now I'm taking advantage of it as much as I can.If there's something I want to clarify though it's that Christmas isn't about the presents, the lights, and the trees. All of that is great, don't get me wrong, but the real reason to celebrate is Jesus! This month makes me even more aware that I have someone who loves me and gave up his own life to set me free and that to me is the biggest present I could receive!

If you're on a tighter budget these are some great gift ideas that won't break the bank. A lot of these gifts are great as stocking stuffers and indulging your friends and family with higher end brands without the sky-high price tag! As a nail polish lover I'd love to try out some higher end brands like the Dolce & Gabanna lacquer I included and the minimergency kit is great for busy women on the go who need to have essentials for any situation they may face! 

More gift guides will be on the way soon :) 
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Bold + Vampy

I'm not too experimental when it comes to lip products although I have enough of them to provide a small village with perfectly glossed pouts. I gravitate towards anything that fits into the peachy-pink range while bright lips take some major confidence on my part to rock but dark, vampy lips are A-OK! Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to try a darker berry lip and this year I've found my favourite of them all.

You'd think that I would've had this in my stash but I was sadly missing out big time just until a few weeks ago when this was in stock at my Wal-Mart and I snatched it up so fast I looked like such a makeup hoarder (guilty as charged)! Yes, I'm referring the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick in 107. This shade is a beaut, I mean just look at it! The formula is surprisingly good for a matte finish lipstick and it wears really well. Although it glides on bare lips smoothly, I would recommend making sure your lips are free of any dryness before applying it to get the best look. When you apply this lipstick, it doesn't fade easily unless you go a swipe your lips with your hands but it definitely doesn't have the staying power of long wear lip colours or stains. What I like most about it is the fact that it's so versatile. You can pat it in subtly to create a flushed look, a little heavier to give a stronger stain or give a few swipes straight from the bullet to make it bold and vampy. As you can see in the swatch above this lipstick is highly pigmented and quite creamy. One thing I'm not the biggest fan of is the smell, a mixture between artificial fruitiness and burnt plastic. This makes it seem horrific but it's bearable especially since I love the colour. This retails for around $5 so it's a great option if you want a versatile dark plum burgundy shade to wear during the Christmas season or if you're in the market for a flattering shade for gifting as a stocking stuffer! While I'm on this topic, I'll be posting some gift guides soon and a bit on my thoughts on what Christmas should really be about soon, so be on the lookout!

Glorious Peonies. 

Skincare Routine: November 2013

Nothing is more bothersome for me than skincare. Not because I don't like taking care of my skin, but because I feel like my skincare routine is always lacking/not working the way I wish it did. In any case, I thought I would share some products that I've been using for the past few months and that are doing a pretty good job with the madness I'm dealing with. The only reason I can't say they are spectacular is because I'm currently suffering from some pretty stubborn hormonal acne that has been tormenting me. Nothing I do completely gets rid of them, especially since I haven't been able to get my hands on Stieva-A which was prescribed by my dermatologist and was keeping my skin pretty balanced. Just a few notes on my skin type, I have fairly oily skin but as the temperatures are dropping I'm heading more towards combination skin with some dry patches around my nose, between my eyebrows and on the sides of my cheeks.

Now that all that is out of the way, here's a bit about the products I'm using (Note: You will see a lot of Lancome products mentioned, all of these are deluxe samples I've collected since my mom has a friend who works at the counter but they come with purchases. That was the first disclaimer I've ever given so sorry if it's not too official haha) Although I have oily skin I don't like my cleansers to be abrasive or overly drying so I've been using this smaller tube of Lancome Creme Radiance for normal/combo skin and I'm a big fan. You honestly need the smallest amount and it gets rid of all your makeup, including tough mascara, without leaving your face tight. Out of all of these products this is probably my favourite of the bunch. If I still have remnants of my mascara and want to avoid having racoon eyes, I use my Lancome Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover. This is one of those products you have to shake before using but it is certainly not greasy whatsoever and makes it a breeze to remove mascara, even your stubborn waterproof formulas. Next I take a small amount of the Lancome Visionnaire Serum and pat it on areas of my face where I have scarring or larger pores. I'm using up the few little bottles of samples I got as a gift with purchase and I'm aware that a full size bottle of this stuff is not cheap so if you want to try it I'd recommend keeping an eye out for gift with purchase deals at department stores.

The next steps of my routine change quite frequently or are included sporadically. The moisturizer I'm currently using is the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre which I purchased in Paris, so finding this may be a bit tricker and could involve some research on Ebay or Amazon. To be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of this when I tried it in the summer months on my oilier skin. Recently I've gotten some dry patches around my face and this has seemed to work really well on my skin this time around. It doesn't leave me too oily and doesn't feel sticky which giving my skin an extra dose of moisture. If you have any moisturizer recommendations send them my way because moisturizer is a tricky step for me. Next I apply either Clean & Clear Persa-gel 5 or Tea Tree Oil. For the past few months I've switched back and forth between the two and have found that the persa-gel works best on larger, under-the-skin pimples (you know, the ones that are a serious pain) and tea tree oil is great for smaller pimples that tend to develop the white centre.... this is not a fun topic to write about. But it's all about keepin' it real, ya feel me? Again, speaking very honestly, eye cream is a step I forget a majority of the time. I use it as a precautionary step because the signs of aging are already smacking me in the face, hello grey hairs! This is a sample of Lancome Absolue Eye Premium BX. Since I don't worry a whole lot about this, which I probably should, I can't really tell if the cream does much for my eyes other than keep them hydrated and help my concealer go on smoothly. Once this little pot runs dry I'll probably buy a cheaper alternative because the hydration factor is all I'm looking for right now. And finally, once a week I will apply Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Mask which I do really like! The product says it can be used as a cleanser, exfoliant or mask but I tend to use it as a mask only because it's a bit too harsh as a cleanser and once I remove the mask it performs the function of an exfoliator. On days when I have dry spots but need to be a little gentler I use Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub. I can't say much on the brightening front because I don't really notice a difference but it leaves my skin smoother without being harsh and abrasive. I definitely want to try the Alpha-H Liquid Gold though, I've heard it's incredible so any opinions on that would be welcomed with open arms.

Wowza, did you make it? There you have it folks, what I'm currently using on my face. I'm still on the journey to find better products and am doing so much research that my Google searches consist of skin care routines and every product under the sun that I've heard does wonders. Once I update this routine and find things that do the job more efficiently I will give you guys a bit of an overview.

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Saying Goodbye to Fear

Having fears as a child is so common. Whether it's the monster under the bed or being afraid of the dark, our cautious nature shined through. As we get older fear seems to stay around. We develop irrational fears to things like spiders (I for one don't think this fear is irrational but try telling that to my abnormal psychology professor and he would disagree) or even making decisions. The years go by but our fears grow into something much different than what they were in the past. The story takes a turn for the worst when our fears, whether big or small, rational or irrational, start to interrupt our growth and development of trust between us and God.

When you feel a situation looming over you and getting bigger and bigger, you suddenly forget who you have to cast away all of your fears. Fear is often a lack of feeling secure and confident that you will persevere no matter what comes your way. So, you see, the only way to get rid of that pesky guy named Fear is to let him know that your Dad is a million times more powerful and proclaim:

The Lord is my light and my salvation - whom shall I fear? - Psalm 27:1

Think of Fear as a bad boyfriend. There is no way to get rid of the repercussions of his actions unless you break it off, indefinitely. If you don't take this step and believe that with God nothing can make you afraid, your fears will get so big that life itself will be your biggest challenge. Why? Because living with fear stops you from getting further into what God has planned for you. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but soon you'll realize that the things you've always wanted to accomplish will be that much harder for you to grasp if you are afraid to take the necessary steps. In a way, I guess fear and worry go hand in hand. Sometimes they seem like they're the same thing since they are linked so closely. Intense worrying about anything can quickly turn into a fear of that situation or problem, and will cause you to become stuck. Like a wall has formed around you that is so tall, you can't fathom getting past it. Here's the good news. If you weren't so busy worrying and being afraid of overcoming, you would notice that if you walked far enough, there's a secret entrance at the side of the wall. Sure, you could be awestricken by the sheer size of that barrier, but the people who overcome the wall, better yet their fears, are those who don't give up. Those who say "I will find a way". And you will find a way. That wall, that giant that is in your way, you don't need to fear it. Remember the Lord is your light and salvation, He's all you need in life. Take His hand and getting past that barrier is a piece of cake.

Speaking of fear, I think I should probably take this opportunity to get over one of mine. I'm a little bit paranoid and when I started this blog the first thing I thought about was, "Should I include my name?" I asked my friend and she thought I was crazy for being so scared but in my mind I thought about every Criminal Minds episode involving a stalker. I know, crazy. But I guess today is the day I overcome that. So, let me introduce myself a bit more accurately this time. Hi, my name is Nathali! Before you read that and pronounce it like most people do, I'll clarify it for ya. The h is silent, so it's just like Natalie :) Thanks mom for making my name impossible haha! Well that was liberating. I told you getting rid of fears was the way to go ;)

Happy Weekend x

Glorious Peonies.

Perfectly Polished: Clean, Fresh Nails

Nail polish. Just hearing those two words get me giddy and reaching for my nail polish remover waiting to see what hue will grace my fingertips next. As the weather starts cooling down (... freezing up is more like it), I tend to reach for darker, vampy shades. That being said, this year soft pinks and nudes are tickling my fancy - that made me giggle just typing it - and I'm not complaining. No matter what time of year it is, there is nothing more satisfying than looking down at your hands and seeing freshly manicured nails that look clean and very Kate Middleton-esque. *sigh* She's so beautiful. Ok, back to nail polish, I tend to get side tracked whenever I think about how gorgeous and ladylike she is. Don't judge!

If you feel the same way or don't but want to see what the fuss is all about, here are some shades that are sure to make you swoon!
Top Row: OPI - (L to R) Bubble Bath // Coney Island Cotton Candy // Samoan Sand
Essie - (L to R) Allure // Fiji // Eternal Optimist
Out of this bunch I'd have to say my faves have to be Bubble Bath and Fiji. In this picture you might think that they're similar but the formulas and opacity are very different. Bubble Bath is definitely sheerer while Fiji is very opaque and gives your nails such a clean, girly look - It's the polish Emily Maynard always wears. And how pretty is that neutral ombre look?! I think I may give that a try soon.

Thanks for stopping by x

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The Five Product Face

Lately I've been having those mornings where my alarm doesn't off or I'm exhausted from studying too late, so I can't be bothered with colourful eye looks or complicated makeup before heading to class. Solution? Coming up with a foolproof, simple routine that makes you look fresh and awake without taking up all of your time. I'm well aware that there are 6 products in the picture which defeats the purpose of the "five product face" but I'll explain in just a sec.

After cleansing and moisturizing, my next step is applying a tinted moisturizer. Surprise, surprise - it's Jouer Matte Moisture Tint in Nude! This is perfect product in the morning to give my skin a nice base and is easy to apply which makes the beautifying process much easier on me when I'm barely even alive yet. I follow up with my favourite concealer of the moment - NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer under the eyes and over any blemishes. This stuff is magical, nuff said. The wand applicator is perfect for quick application and the formula blends in seamlessly. This product is great for those who want radiance but like the added benefit of having a more matte complexion. That's it for the base! Now let's add some life back into the face. When I don't know what blush to wear I will almost instantly reach for MAC's blush in Melba. I think this shade would look flattering on a wide range of skin tones and the matte finish lends to the ability of this blush to make your face look more defined. For eyes I usually keep my look streamlined and simple with a coat (or two) of black mascara. I've been trying out the Benefit They're Real! mascara since I got it in the Sephora birthday gift this year and I really like it. It defines the lashes and prevents them from getting clumpy which I cannot stand! I'll probably be buying a full size of this in the near future. Alright, here's the twist. If you have a few seconds to spare, spice up your look with a cream eyeshadow pot! Easy application with maximum impact. My favourite for fall has to be the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. I take this on the finger and smudge it onto my eyelid and extend the colour into my crease to add some depth. It's amazing how applying it this way gives the effect of an eye look that may have taken you more than the 20 seconds it actually did. Perfect for that smudgy, just rolled outta bed, but still look fabulous look. Last but certainly not least, a swipe of a glossy hue on the lips is all you need to finish off this effortless look. Another shocker here, I tend to gravitate towards my Clarins Natural Lip Perfector in Candy Shimmer because it has a bit more colour and pairs well with the blush.

That's it folks. An easy look to get you through that door looking fresh and radiant! Depending on the season you can always switch out the products to cater to your needs. Lately, if I want a look with a bit more impact, I've switched out the blush for some bronzer and rotated in a deep burgundy shade on the lips (Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107). Knowing that you have a go-to look that only takes 5 products is always great to have up your sleeve for when you're in a rush or want to avoid wearing too much makeup.

Hope you're having a great weekend! xo

Did you say Indigo?

Instagram is one of my favourite social media sites because users are so creative with their photos and there is inspiration everywhere you look. Recently, I stumbled upon @stephsterjovski and noticed that her beautiful prints are available at Indigo. Now, is it just me or was I the only one who associated Indigo/Chapters with books and nothing else? While out and about I decided to step into the store to check it out and I was left quite surprised at the gorgeous offerings in their style and home section!

Indigo has a dazzling selection of accessories and they are perfect to spice up any outfit for the holidays. Below are some of my absolute favourite things (hurry, some are on sale!)
Cara Metallic Collar Necklace // Crystal Marquee Necklace -Fuchsia  // Scalloped Bangle Light Blue // Thin Bow Bangle - Black // Pyramid Bangle - Pink
Indigo has a good offering of Stephanie's prints in stock which are definitely on my wishlist! Sadly, not all of her prints are available (at least on the site) but if you got to her shop it should not be a problem! The best thing about these prints is that they reflect such a positive outlook on life and the love of Christ! LOVE!
Glam // Happy Thoughts // God Is Good // Salt and Light 
Last but certainly not least, I discovered a whole bunch of Kate Spade NY items in store and I was so excited! Living in Canada can sometimes make things you see on social media hard to access but thanks to Indigo, we can all get our fix of KSNY! I fell in love with the glitter coasters, how cute will they be for Christmas parties and my obsession with organizational/school supplies is borderline psychotic so you know I need that agenda!
Paper Tape Set // Glitter Coaster Set // Cold Hands Warm Heart Thermal Mug // Glasses 2014 Agenda
There you have it! If you didn't know how cool Chapters Indigo was, then you know now! Stop by and check it out :)

Glorious Peonies.

Update: Best. Week. Ever!

Hey y'all! I hope this week has been awesome for you all. And if it hasn't, not to worry, you have next week to make up for it ;)

The past few days have been crazy busy for me. I finally wrote my last midterm of the semester until exams roll around, which is so close it's frightening! But the best part of my week was definitely seeing Hillsong UNITED live! (I'm still on an emotional high from that concert). For the past month I've been counting down to this concert and on Tuesday I finally got to scream my head off while having a massive dance party for Jesus! If they are coming for the #welcomeZion tour in a city near you, get a ticket, you will not regret it! I had the best time of my entire life. Sadly, I'm dealing with PCD now (Post Concert Depression -- it's a real thing y'all!) One of the coolest things was getting an exclusive viewing of the trailer for the new movie Noah starring Russell Crowe and Emma Watson coming out in March 2014. It looks incredibly good and they used the song Spirit Break out by Kim Walker (that also made me have a mini freakout sesh). Here are some pictures from the night I took -- sorry for the quality of these, there was smoke and I used my phone camera:
Young & Free were amazing!
Most magical moment of the night! - official photo Source
I can't even describe how awesome worship was that night and I know for a fact it has completely changed me! The energy in the room was electric and something you have to experience at least once. Although I had a paper due the next day, this was soooo worth it, including waiting in line in the freezing cold.

Have a great day :)

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Release your inner granny

How fun is this little notebook for recipes?

I seriously love to bake and whenever I get the chance to snatch some recipes from more experienced bakers, I take it. Last year during Thanksgiving/Christmas I went a little nuts with the cooking and baking so I had tons of leftover cookies and treats. One day I decided to go across the street and share some with an elderly woman across the street. She always sent over cookies so I thought I'd return the favour. She was super sweet and sat down for a while so we could chat about different recipes. It was such a cool experience and I thought I'd share two recipes she shared with me.

I'm not like most people who love pumpkin anything during the fall season but her pumpkin cookies were absolutely delicious. They were just sweet enough and the few chocolate chips in them were a perfect balance! These are great cookies to make for non-pumpkin lovers and you never know, this may be what converts them. I think next weekend I'll have to make these cookies again because they are ideal for this weather!

The second recipe is very much inspired by my neighbours Italian background! Anyone who knows me knows that I love cannolis A LOT. These cookies have the same feel because they have the same ricotta taste but they have the nicest burst of freshness from the lemon accents found in the dough and the glaze. They aren't too heavy and are great cookies to make for other people as a gift. You could either bake them and put them in a decorative jar or you could roll the dough into balls and freeze them that way the person receiving the gift can bake them whenever they fancy. 

Give these recipes a try and let me know how they turn out! Have fun being a granny and baking! Happy Saturday :)

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Dreaming BIG

These past few weeks I've been seriously contemplating my future. I'm only in my second year of university but it feels like just yesterday that I was starting high school and thinking to myself "University is years away!" And here I am, coming up on 20 years (yikes!) and having a whole life ahead of me but feeling somewhat anxious about what's to come. It's something pretty normal among people my age because, let's face it, decisions you make now are pivotal and not giving a care in the world won't make your future happy and bright. But I do know what will make your future incredible -- Trusting in God! Yes, the future is kinda scary but the future isn't just 5 years from now or even 1 year from now, just wait a second and you'll already be in the future. What you do right now is what matters.

Everyone has had that one dream (or a few) that they've had for what seems like an eternity and you just hope and pray that it'll become a reality, but you don't do anything to get closer to it. That dream is floating in the air, stagnate. As a woman of faith, I find it extremely difficult to distinguish between my dreams and what God has planned. Sometimes it's the same, sometimes it isn't. The point here isn't to stop dreaming, the point is to dream and dream BIG but place those aspirations in the hands of the One who has the power to change them into something wayyyyy better. I feel like the worst thing you can do is say "Well, God has it under control so I'll just sit around for my future to slap me in the face when it's ready." NO! - You're right about God having it under control but those goals you have in your head aren't going to magically appear without your hard work and dedication! Take firm steps towards your dreams and you'll see that what God wants to do, will happen no matter what you do. If you are on the right path, then awesome, God will be with you every step of that journey cheering you on. If you are moving towards something that He knows won't benefit you in the long run, God finds some pretty creative ways to move your feet into another lane and redirects you. Kinda like a GPS. You started off pressing buttons and choosing your destination, the GPS takes you to a certain point but then God steps in and changes your end point and you end up somewhere magical. 

So many times in my life I was thinking that this was it, I'm doing what I should be doing. And just when I thought I had it figured out, BOOM, in comes God and I end up somewhere completely new. At first, I'm angry - furious even - left wondering "Why did He choose to bring me here? I was so happy where I was!" Then suddenly, things begin to unravel and I realize when I look back that I couldn't be in this amazing place if it weren't for Him stepping in and rearranging the pieces. The picture above shows a very common quote about the future. I think it's wonderful to believe in the beauty of your dreams, but what's missing here is that you do so just as long as you are also willing to believe in the beauty of God's dreams. Dreams that are so gigantic your tiny little brain isn't capable of handling them. That is when the future will belong to you! So dream as big as you possibly can and do your part, work hard and accomplish as much as you can trusting that God will be there no matter the outcome. Cast aside the anxiety, remembering that things that God has designed for you will bring you only peace. If you don't feel peace, well, then you can be sure that this isn't the end of the matter!

Hope you're encouraged today to DREAM xx

Glorious Peonies. 

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint

Sorry for the double review but I'm too excited about this product! Last week a little package arrived on my doorstep and to my surprise, my Cult Beauty order had finally made its way across the pond. I've been eyeing this product for quite some time now and was going back and forth in my head on whether or not to purchase it. Face products are a bit risky for me because I have quite oily skin, but during this time of year I get the odd dry patch here and there so I need something that will hold up on my face but not accentuate any nasty bits. Once again, I was persuaded by Vivianna Does Makeup (is that any surprise?) and MissGlamorazzi, so I took the plunge and gave the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint a try. 

Let me just start off by saying I now understand what the fuss was about. The formula is really interesting - it feels smooth when applied to the skin and almost has a mousse-y texture to it. It blends seamlessly into the skin and doesn't leave you feeling like you splattered your face with mud. For a "moisture tint", I'd say it gives more coverage than your average tinted moisturizer. In my opinion, it's almost like a light, to even medium, coverage foundation but without the heaviness that you get with some of the top sellers out there. With a thin layer, it leaves your skin evened out and covers up minor areas of pigmentation and redness. With a little more applied, you can get some really good coverage without looking like a cake face, no one wants to look like that! The staying power was surprisingly great for a tinted moisturizer and the incredible matte (but not too matte) effect it gives lasted me a good 5 or so hours without blotting. A little while later I did need to blot but that was without having powder applied in the first place, which on my skin is miraculous! I would say it definitely delivers on the mattifying front as it isn't dewy or glowy, but the effect it gives isn't powdery if you know what I mean. You don't look like an oil slick but your skin looks like skin -- what could be better?

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint in Nude
The only negative thing I will say about it is that the colour isn't spot on for me at the moment but I did order this online and was already fearful of getting a colour that would be too light or dark on me. The shade Nude is a tiny bit too light for me right now but hopefully as I get paler during the winter it'll sort itself out. For the time being, I've been lightly dusting some bronzer all over my skin to bring back a little warmth and the colour looks great! As for the application, I feel like using your hands alone (unless you have super flawless, smooth skin) isn't the absolute best since it can sometimes cling to little dry patches but this is something that happens often with matte face products. I've found that using a buffing brush at first to even it out, and then just pat my face a little with my fingers gives a barely there effect (Thanks for the tip Anna!).

Overall, I'm loving this product because it keeps my skin matte for longer than anything else I've used with a texture that is silky and breathable. Jouer has won some major brownie points with this one and I'm excited to see how their other products are like, especially the cheek and lip tint I've been eyeing up.  As for Cult Beauty, their service was great and SUPER quick! I got my package in less than a week, which for an international order is pretty impressive! I'd definitely watch out for special offers like free international shipping because it definitely makes the price a bit more bearable. This moisture tint retails for about $42 CAD on the Cult Beauty website and that seems fair since you are getting 50 mL of product; a whole 20 mL more than your average foundation! I'd definitely give this product a try if you are looking for a matte tinted moisturizer that holds up well on your skin throughout the day!

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

Top: Petal Shimmer // Bottom: Candy Shimmer
WARNING: By the end of this post you may feel the sudden urge to buy some lipgloss. Just a heads up. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

Lipgloss is a touchy subject for me. When I hear the word it brings flashbacks of super glittery, extra sticky glosses I would convince my mom to buy me in elementary school. Then, I had the MAC obsession phase (haven't we all) which didn't really do it for me, except for their Cremesheen glasses which are a little more bearable on the stickiness front. So for the past few years I've been gravitating towards more tinted balms and moisturizing lipstick formulas. But that's a thing of the past because I found the BEST lipglosses EVER. I know that's a huge claim but I'm serious, these are fantastic!

A few months back I was browsing around Vivianna Does Makeup's blog, which is a usual occurrence in my life it seems, and I came across her post about these Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors. Her review had me sold and the next day I went to a department store and picked up a tube. Little did I know I'd be so impressed that I'd buy another one the very next day. I have the shades Petal Shimmer, a nudey pink, and Candy Shimmer, a more rosey pink and they are beautiful! The formula is super creamy, not sticky at all, and provides a sheer wash of colour. Although these glosses aren't the most pigmented ones you'll find on the market, I've found the colours still show up on my lips, which is surprising since they tend to be quite pigmented on their own. I'm hooked! These are always in my purse when I leave the house and they'll be even more useful now that it's getting colder since they not only give you colour but provide moisture as well. I'd definitely put these in the category of a liquid tinted lip balm because they give you the best of all the lip product worlds.

The whole range of lip perfectors includes 6 shades which range from pinks, to apricots and darker nudes and rosey browns. There's sure to be a shade that captures your heart (or all 6 if you're anything like me). These glosses are sold for $20 a piece, which may seem a little steep for a tube of lipgloss but they are well worth it in my opinion. You can get them off the Clarins website or in stores like Shopper's Drug Mart and The Bay if you live in Canada.

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