What's On My Face #3: Feline Flick

I'm long overdue a What's On My Face post so here is another look for you guys! My makeup tastes are always very neutral and simple but lately I've been loving using eyeshadow on a more regular basis and even (brace yourselves...) doing a bit of a feline flick on the outer corners. I know, I know, crazy time for Miss Glorious Peonies!

All jokes aside, I really have to hand it to Amelia Liana who solved my cat eye liner troubles. All you need are Post It Note flags and you'll be a pro in no time. (Here's a video where you can see how she does it!) Not only does it create a barrier for your eyeshadows, but it makes getting a clean line for your eyeliner so simple! Hopefully this trick can help you guys out because it definitely is life changing. 

On my face, I kept it pretty simple as usual, and went in with Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet in B30 and then used my beloved NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Ginger... you know the deal! To give me a bit more of a bronzed look, I swept NARS Laguna Bronzer around my temples, on my cheeks and down my jaw. Then with a duo fiber brush I went in with the Bourjois Cream Blush in 01 which is perfect for summer because it's a cream but it turns into a powder, ensuring a long day of flushed cheeks. Then I took a bit of the Clarins Complexion Perfector in Champagne Shimmer on the tops of cheekbones (love this stuff!). 

Onto eyes, I did my brows with my trusty Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Dark Brunette, which should come as no surprise to you because this stuff is the only thing I use! From the Stila In The Light Palette, I took Bare over the lids and to the brow bone, then Bliss along the crease, and then took the tiniest bit of Sandstone in the outer corner to deepen up the colour. For my liner I used Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Intense Black and created a bit of a wing on the otter corner. Loving this look! Finished it off with a few coats of L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black, and finito!

To finish off the look, I mixed Mac Modesty and Lovelorn for the perfect soft pink lip and that's it! Super simple but a little bit extra effort than going in with my Everyday Makeup (which I did a video about here!)

Hope you're having a great week so far! 

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The Best Do It All Eyeshadow Palette: Stila In The Light

A few months back I wrote a post about eyeshadow palettes since I was looking to find a good neutral one that could serve me well. After quite the crazy excursion to track down one palette, it finally came home with me and for the last 6 months it's the only thing I reach for! The Stila In The Light Palette is a serious winner, here's why! 

Alright, here are the basic things you need to know. This palette can be found at Sephora for $50 CAD and it comes with 10 eyeshadows (6 shimmers, 4 mattes). Not only that, but the palette also comes with a full size Stilla Stay All Day Smudge Stick in Damsel which is one of the best things they could've added (I really dislike those sponge applicators they always include which usually get thrown away!) The colour selection is neutral but I find that the variety is great to cover all the looks you'd want to create from daytime to night time. 

Packaging wise, I'm not the biggest fan of the cardboard thing but I make it work. It would definitely be better to have a more solid, tin like the newer Urban Decay Naked Palettes though! It does come with a mirror which makes application a breeze if you need to do your makeup somewhere without a mirror (traveling perhaps?) and the inspirational quote is always nice to reflect on as you get ready ;)

When trying to choose a neutral palette, I was obviously directed towards the Naked palettes but this is why I think the Stila offering is better. I think one of the most important things in a palette is to have a good mix between mattes and shimmers and Stila really drivers on that front. Sometimes you really don't wanna go all glitter ball on the lids, so being able to use a matte transition shade on the crease or having a matte dark black shadow to deepen the crease or use as eyeliner is fantastic! The quality of the eyeshadows I think is very comparable to the Urban Decay ones, from what I've felt in swatching them, but I will say that Urban Decay did a little better in so much as the shimmer shades are a bit creamier and give off less fallout than the Stila ones but that could only be said about the shade Kitten. 

I really like how the palette isn't just filled with varying brown shades, since it does include a gorgeous gold, a coppery shade that would work beautifully on green or blue eyes, and a vibrant greyish navy shade. As you can see, there are endless amounts of looks you can create and that would pair well together because I find the shadows in this palette are really complimentary to each other. But, if you're stuck on what looks to create, then there is always the little book with ideas and steps for eyeshade application! 

The Smudge Stick in Damsel is a great addition to the palette and I've loved using it! The colour is a dark black brown and it can be used to add definition but without the harsh effect that a straight up black liner would create. It's really smooth and creamy so it's definitely not a pencil you could do a precise cat flick with, but as the name suggests, it's perfect for smudging across the lash line and it really doesn't smudge at all, which is rare for me to find since all eyeliners end up on my cheeks (whoops!) 

Since I've used this palette to death in the last 6 months, I think I'm gonna write up a post about different looks you can create with it, just to give you ideas! All in all, the In The Light palette is a great starter neutral palette for anyone and it's versatility is incredible. Love all of the options I get with this little guy. 

Side note: Any other eyeshadow palettes you think would be a good addition to my makeup stash? My birthday is this weekend and there may need to be an eyeshadow palette included in the birthday wish list ;)

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My MAC Lipstick Collection (so far)

It's no surprise that my first step into the high end beauty waters was through MAC. Back in the day, there were basically three makeup categories: drugstore, MAC, and everything else. I still remember walking into the store and buying my first item (the paint pot in Rubenesque) and feeling so posh ha! A few years later, and the MAC craze has kind of died down for me but there is always something at MAC that will forever tug at my heartstrings and that's lipsticks! I can never walk past a store and not leave with a hand full of lipstick swatches and making a list in my head of what the next one will be. Since the collection has grown in the past few months, I thought I'd share the lipsticks I own and tell you which ones are must haves!

L to R: Creme d'Nude, Shy Girl, Peach Blossom, Modesty, Lovelorn, Syrup, Up The Amp, Morange

As you can tell from the picture above, 6 out of the 8 lipsticks I own are in the neutral shade range. On an everyday basis, I tend to gravitate towards those shades so I find it to be more cost effective if I buy shades that I'll wear often and save more of the bright colours for drugstore purchases since I don't grab for them as often. But let's be real, there are some gorgeous bright shades at MAC that I'm dying to get my hands on (Rebel is next come Fall time!). 

My first ever lipstick was Hue, which I don't have anymore because I used it to the last swipe but the longest standing one in the collection is Creme D'Nude, which you can see is on its last legs. I was a huge nude lip lover back in the day so it's no surprise those were my first two purchases. I don't use Creme D'Nude often now on it's own, but I will use it to white out the natural pigmentation of my lips if I need to tone it down or as a base for sheerer lip glosses to stand out more. 

Now, for Back 2 MAC lipsticks. The first one I chose was Up The Amp, which is SO out of my comfort zone but I guess that's why I chose it. If I'm gonna get a lipstick for free, might as well choose something I wouldn't spend my money on normally. It's quite the unique shade and I only pull it out on rare occasions but I do love mixing it with a peachy pink gloss to create a really cool effect! The latest Back 2 MAC I did was for Syrup. Lily Pebbles constantly talks about this shade and my mom had it in her makeup bag a few years ago and I surprisingly really liked it so I thought it would be a good one to go for. A neutral pink with mauve undertones that gives enough colour but is truly an unexpected take on the classic neutral lip. 

The one lipstick I would say to get: Peach Blossom. I seriously love this. Perfect for everyday and goes with just about everything. It's a cremesheen so it goes on really smooth and it has the ideal mix of pink, peach, brown... oh my, this is just a beauty! To finish off the neutral and pink lipstick section we've got Shy Girl, Modesty and Lovelorn which are my most recent additions. Shy Girl is a ViviannaDoesMakeup suggestion, as most of my makeup choices are, but this is a really nice peachy nude that definitely leans more peach. At first, I thought it would wash me out but I was pleasantly surprised at how flattering it is. This one is gonna be one that I grab for a lot when doing more smoked out looks on the eyes! Modesty is one that doesn't look very special in the tube but oh dear, it is just gorgeous when worn. It's a dusty muted pink shade with a bit more of a brown undertone that is so flattering and kinda has that whole sophisticated look down. It's a good default shade if you want something neutral. Last but not least in the neutral category is Lovelorn, which is definitely the most pink of the bunch but is really pretty. It has less warm undertones and stronger blue base to it then any other lipstick I have but that helps it look really fresh and the pink pops more on the lips, despite it being more neutral than a pink like Chatterbox. 

The last one sticks out like a sore thumb when next to all of my lipsticks but I just love Morange. It is not for the faint of heart but there's nothing like it! it's a true orange and I love wearing it during this season because it's a bit unexpected but definitely on trend and brightens up your whole face. It's an amplified finish so the colour pay off is amazing but unlike a matte finish, it doesn't make your lips feel or look dry! So glad I purchased this one and I can't wait to wear it as the Summer heats up even more. 

There you have it, my MAC lipstick collection. Sooner or later, I'll probably film a video where I actually apply them on which is really helpful, and by that time I'm sure there may be a few more added to the bunch. Have any MAC lipstick recommendations for me? I always love discovering new shades so send them my way!!! Hope you have the best week.

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The Video: Everyday Makeup Routine

It's a new week, meaning that there's a new video waiting for ya on my YouTube Channel! I was pretty nervous to film a makeup tutorial because it seemed challenging (which the filming part was slightly...) but I'm so glad I did. Today I'm sharing the look I got for whenever I need to get ready for a casual day and want to look natural and fresh faced. Although being bare faced was scary for me since my skin went crazy last week, I'm happy I showed it because it goes to show that we all have our moments and that's nothing to be ashamed of! I really hope you enjoy the video and please suggest any other makeup looks or videos in general you'd like to see from me because I'd love to do it!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful Summer weather, which can officially start tomorrow!

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Currently Loving: SS Print Shop

Today I thought I'd feature one of my favourite bloggers of the moment: Stephanie Sterjovski. Not only is she incredibly stylish and creative, but her prints are perfection! I'd been after them for months and so I finally decided to place an order, seeing as how I convinced my mom that a gallery wall is just what we need to jazz up our empty wall! 

SS Print Shop has tons of gorgeous prints at different price points and there is honestly something for everyone. Whether you want to make a subtle statement in black and white, or you want some fun to jazz up your space, she's got it all. I ordered two prints including one from her #LoveLettersFromGod Collection which I love. It's so great to see people spreading joy and sharing the goodness of God!

Right now is the perfect time to take a look through her site because there are tons of prints on sale, including one that I just bought (pictured above). Plus, she just did a collab with another talented blogger/photographer, Carin Olsson of Paris in Four Months, and the prints they came up with are incredible. The perfect thing to either get you inspired by Paris or bring back fond memories of past trips. 

If you're looking for prints to add a bit of flair to a gallery wall, you definitely need to check out SS Print Shop! 
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Limitless and Without Boundaries

You may have noticed that I missed out on Faith Friday for the past two weeks. As much as I want to stick to 5 posts a week, sometimes I feel uninspired or just not passionate about something in particular, and in those cases I'd rather not put out content I'm not happy with. For the past two days in prayer, this has been on my mind so I think it's finally worth sharing!

It's not unusual for humans to place boundaries on just about everything. Boundaries that tell us how far is "too far", boundaries that separate nations and peoples, boundaries on how much we can do for others, and boundaries on what we can achieve. But there's something you can never put limits or boundaries on and that's God. In all that God is, He tells us that there is nothing He can't handle and therefore through Him, we need not worry!

This is something we all "know" but I honestly don't think we fully put into practice throughout the day. For the past few weeks I've been constantly doubting what God can do and that seriously bothers me when I take that extra second to evaluate the situation. Times where you think the words "But I can't" or "this is just too much" - just say no to those thoughts! Don't ever let your fear put limitations on who God is. Whatever it may be that you are uncertain, afraid or nervous about, know He's got it under control. He knows when the sun will set, He knows where the wind will blow, and yes, He knows where He wants to take you, you just have to let Him. 

Remind yourself constantly about these truths:

"For no word from God will ever fail" - Luke 1:37

"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" - Matthew 19:26

In both of these cases the Bible presents situations that just seem impossible to solve. How could Mary conceive a child through the Holy Spirit and Elizabeth bear a child at her age? How could a rich man be saved if Jesus is saying that it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle? The only solution and way is through God, end of story. So if His word was true and didn't fail in these seemingly impossible cases, what makes you think that a little fear can stop Him?

Personally, I'm completely fed up with putting limits and boundaries on God's love, goodness, will, power and strength in my life, and I feel like a lot of people feel the same way. Just think about the fact that He is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. These words encompass everything - He is everywhere, He is all-powerful and all-knowing. There are no limits in those attributes. He wants to do so much in our lives and we can't see past the initial struggle!

Have faith that there's more over that hill. Know that it may look like a mountain but with Him, you'll realize that as you get closer to it, it was just a bump in the road. Believe that His love and power can stretch further than your imagination can run and that whatever you're facing is nothing compared to all that He can do. He is everything and in everything so choose to make Him your everything and get rid of those limitations you make up in your head. He is greater! 

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The Video: What's In My Bag

Guess what?! A new video is up on my YouTube channel and this time I'm rummaging through my handbag and showing you what's inside. I'm excited to have another video up for y'all and rest assured that I have lots of other ideas for future videos. One of which I filmed but it ended up looking blurry #typical. I hope you enjoy and please subscribe so that you always know when a new video is coming up! Have a fantastic day! 

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Life Lately Through A Camera Lense...

Here's a bit of a life update for you guys! The past few weeks have been really great and now that summer is finally (almost) upon us, I can't wait to plan fun things to do. June is one of my favourite months (December takes the cake because of Christmas!) because it's my birthday month and that makes me really excited. I love being able to celebrate another year of life. Any fun things planned for June and this summer in general?

One of my favourite things lately have been going out with girl friends and just chatting. Whether it's grabbing some lunch (this bruschetta was ah-mazing!) or sitting in a car in a parking lot because it's raining while laughing your heads off, there's nothing quite like having girl time. 

I know, I know, I'm late to this party but I've been meaning to read this book for a whopping 2 years. Last week I stopped by the bookstore and picked this up and read it in one sitting, nonstop. Needless to say, I ugly cried really badly. I sobbed like a baby and then the next day reread through it because I was just that emotional. I definitely need to hustle and go see the movie pronto! 

Essentials for a bright sunny day: caffeine, lipstick and sunnies. Nuff said.

I finally pulled out my pastel jeans this past week, which makes me question why I waited this long to put them on again. Although I always have the worst luck with spilling my Starbucks drinks on these (I have two Tide To Go pens to prove this), I'll happily take the risk ;)

Smoothie in a mason jar? Oh, how original! As always, when I'm in a hurry to leave the house but need to have breakfast, a smoothie is just what I opt for. Frozen strawberries, a banana, and a bunch of spinach is all I need to keep me satisfied until lunchtime. But seriously, drinking anything from a mason jar makes it 1000x more cuter, no?

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New Drugstore Releases? Yes, Please!

As exciting as it is for seasonal beauty collections in the world of the high end are, finding new products in the drugstore is probably the most exciting thing since bottled water. Yes, I just compared beauty releases to bottled water, but I digress. I did a little bit of snooping in Walmart and Shopper's Drug Mart, as well as a bit of research online and I've got some new things that may be right up your street (and your wallet won't hate you for it!)

Maybelline always has some great products and recently they've come out with some new things, as well as reformulations of their classics. I used to love their Dream Matte powder but they've changed up the formula and come out with the Dream Wonder powder! I'm a bit hesitant to try this one because I loved the original but Amelia Liana has said she's loving it so I basically don't need any other excuse. Another super exciting launch is their new Expertwear Eyeshadows. The original ones we bought when we were 10 have now been discontinued but their replacement sure looks promising. Saying that they'll be velvety and long lasting, this may be what we've all been waiting for! 
L'Oreal is one of my favourite drugstore brands, mostly because they have my favourite drugstore mascara and foundation under their belt, but this year they are bringing tons of great releases to the Canadian market! First up, Miss Manga mascara. I've heard about this from various UK based bloggers and I was (not so) patiently waiting for it's release in Canada and it's here! If the doll eye effect is your thing, this looks very promising. Another range that was only available abroad is the Nude Collection featuring nude lipsticks that suit afferent skin tones and are inspired by past and present L'Oreal spokespersons (it even comes with perfectly paired nude nail polishes!) Oh, and if moisturizing lip stick/gloss/balm hybrids are your thing, the new pop balms are looking mighty fine! (Side note: Check out their Instagram page for updates on new product releases)

If you're a nail polish hoarder like I am then you'll be excited to know that Revlon recently came out with a new gel formula polish called Colorstay Gel Envy! The craze for gel nails doesn't seem to be letting down and Revlon are picking up on it. The most exciting bit? There is not UV light component! So, if gel nails intimidated you because of that then you really have no excuse to have mirror like shine on your tips. There are some gorgeous colours (Card Shark is my fave) and they look opaque and beautifully shiny. Oh dear, these make me happy! Anyone wanna come along with me to buy some polish?

via beauty reductionista
Any other releases that you think I should look into?
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Motivation Monday #2

via @theeverygirl

I think this week is a great time for me to write another edition of a Motivation Monday post! I've only been doing this whole blogging thing for about 9 months but this week was the first occasion where I kinda felt like I just didn't know what to write. This came as a surprise because I usually have lots of things I want to write about but I fell into a bit of a rut and didn't know where to direct myself.

In life, we deal with moments like these all of the time. Maybe it doesn't always have to do with blogging, but we fall into ruts and routines where we feel stuck. If you're feeling like that in any area of your life, especially with your relationship with Christ, know that this is temporary. There will always be highs and lows but what matters is that you don't start feeling defeated by it all. Sure, things won't always come as easily, but that just makes the journey that much more interesting! 

This week I've been feeling really inclined to pray for newness and freshness in my relationship with Christ. Again, just like with any relationship, you can get into moments where you feel like you aren't progressing or maybe things aren't as exciting anymore. I think we need to actively pursue Christ in new ways. Discover new approaches to drawing near and just enjoy that discovery process! 

"Therefore if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here!"- 2 Corinthians 5:17

I hope the start of your week is nothing short of spectacular! 
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Winners Find: Fresh, Dewy Skin with Clarins

Never thought I'd write a post about this, let me tell ya. I've never been a dewy skin kinda gal, mostly because if you put me in the sun for 10 minutes, my skin will be all kinds of dewy (sometimes not in the best way!) I love the look of glowing skin but I never thought I could achieve it without looking sweaty, until I discovered the Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector (my shade is 02 Champagne Shimmer). 

As always, Winners has the best finds when it comes to high end makeup treasures and I found a tube of this illuminator for just under $16. Sadly, this particular product I think is discontinued as it is now replaced by the Instant Light Complexion Illuminating Base (which is essentially the same thing). This is essentially a sheer fluid that gives your skin a gorgeous glowing quality, but leaves out the huge sparkly particles you can find in similar products. It's essentially a primer that makes you look dewy, so you can put it on all over your face before foundation, or you can use it on the high points of the face after you've applied your base. For this reason I think it's very versatile. 

There is nothing greasy or oily about it which I love, so you can achieve a healthy glow even if it's 30 degrees outside. The shade Champagne Shimmer has a beautiful golden quality to it so I think it works well for giving you that sun kissed look. Overall, I'm super excited I found this at Winners! But, I'll definitely be interested in testing out the newer formula that came out this past Spring to see how it compares. This base comes in three shades: rose, champagne and peach so there is certainly something for every skin tone! Have you tried it before? Any thoughts on the new formula?

I'd love to hear about any hidden beauty treasures you've found at Winners. I took a pass on some amazing Stila Smudge Sticks and I instantly regretted it once I walked out of the store. Gives me a reason to go back, right?
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Beauty Essentials I Can't Leave The House Without...

If you've been out and about for most of the day, you know how frustrating it is to look in the mirror and notice that your makeup is basically all gone at the end of the day. I'm not one for bringing around my whole makeup stash with me but on days when I know I'll need to touch up, these are my essentials!

1. Concealer
This one is seriously a must! Whether it is to touch up a spot that peeks through, redness around your nose, or those pesky dark circles, concealer is perfect to swipe on and pat in with your fingertips! No need for a brush and if it come with a doe foot applicator like the NARS one, even better!

2. Powder + Fluffy Brush
Dealing with oily skin is no fun and if it's hot and humid outside, things can get pretty crazy. I love having a powder to touch up throughout the day and keep the oil at bay. A translucent one is great but one that matches your skin colour works best if you feel like you lose some coverage throughout the day. 

3. Setting Spray
Again, skin is my biggest concern when my makeup seems to dissolve away, so a setting spray that both freshens up your skin and keeps makeup on longer is a true essential. This one is a mini bottle so you don't have to worry about carrying a huge bottle around with you! 

4. Lipstick (Day + Night)
I love carrying around lipstick (I found 6 in my purse the other day...) but two is really all you need. Bring the one you wear during the day and goes with pretty much everything - this one is great to reapply as the day progresses. Then, also bring a fun bright just in case you have something special or fancy to go to in the evening. But in my case, it's mostly to feel extra special if you need a boost of confidence ;)

5. Mini Sample of Perfume
Let's get real here. Throughout the day you may need to walk around a lot and that fresh scent you had in the morning may not be around anymore, if you know what I'm sayin'. Having a mini sample of your favourite perfume makes it say to freshen up and not have to carry around a bottle of perfume (sounds crazy but you'd be surprised at the amount of women who do this!). Next time you're at a department store, don't throw away the perfume samples they hand out! (or buy yourself a rollerball of your favourite perfume)

What are your makeup bag essentials for long days?

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Top 5 Outfits of the Week

I thought today I'd share my 5 favourite outfits I've seen from the past week! As much as I love makeup, I had to give it a rest for a while and go out to replenish my summer style staples so there was definitely a lot of inspiration taken from good ol' Pinterest. Wanna see what I've been loving?

Yellow Perfection //
I've really been on the hunt for the perfect summery, yellow piece! It's not a colour I usually gravitate towards but with a golden glow, yellow is just beautiful. This looks pulls it off effortlessly by mixing in classic black and white and I seriously love it! Plus, the midi skirt is gorg in and of itself. 

Laid Back with a Side of Cheetah //
I love Rachel Parcell from Pink Peonies, but this casual outfit is one of my faves. Rolled up jeans, cheetah clutch (love!) and bright flats - how can you go wrong? A nice orangey red lip and you've taken an otherwise simple outfit to a whole 'notha level!

Light & Airy //
Oh, Kat Tanita, your style is always on point! I love that she takes basic pieces and makes an outfit that still looks fab. As the weather gets warmer, light and airy is the way to go and this is seriously done right. Can I have the whole outfit please?

Minimalist Chic //
Everything about this is so good. I definitely need some boyfriend style jeans now! This is super relaxed but just throw on a pair of amazing pumps and you're good to go (walking all day in them is a different story, but beauty is pain, non?)

Blushing Beauty //
Last, but certainly not least, is this Jessica Alba outfit that had me gasping for air. Man, she is a beaut!  Love the fit of her jeans and that she's wearing blush, yes! Let's not forget to mention those sunnies - totally pulls it all together. I seriously love when people take casual and make it dressed up, best of both worlds, am I right or am I right?

Hope you're having a great start to the month of June (my birthday month!) and that you have a fantastic week! 
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