Springtime Adventures!

Last Thursday I took a little adventure with one of my dearest friends to take pictures and do a little exploring around the city! We really had no set plan, we just walked around to see if anything inspired us. At the end of the day, we walked for ages, my feet were killing me, we had breakfast for lunch and we had some awesome girl time! Here are some of the pictures that I snapped along the way. (Warning: if pretty flowers and coffee shops aren't your thing, well then this is awkward.....)

Funny story. So I had the idea to go take pictures in a cafe with one of those fancy lattes. We walked forever trying to find the right place but we ended up in the place we originally planned to go to. While in line to order, I asked the barista "Hi, do you have lattes with latte art in one of those cute bowls?" She tried to conceal her laugh because I actually sounded like such an idiot haha! In the end, the latte art was non existent and they served the latte in what actually seemed like a soup bowl. I really have to get the hang of this fancy coffee deal! 

It was such a fun experience and I think it's something I want to do more often. Call up your friend, go on a spontaneous walking adventure and snap some pictures. You'll have fun, I promise! (And if you get a fancy latte, I hope you can order with a bit more composure ;)

(Obviously staying serious is not one of my strong suits!)

Yay for an awesome girls day with plenty of laughs and memories to last us a long while! 

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  1. Pretty! i love spring in Canada

  2. Gorgeous photos! Making me crave a hot chocolate with cinnamon on top. Love your nail polish too xxx



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