NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: Best, Ever?

I think this little review is very overdue, judging by how many times I've actually mentioned this product in posts before. When it comes to concealer, I've been using the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer for a year now and nothing else has taken its place! The love I have for this stuff is real, so it's time for me to gush about why I love it and why it may as well be my holy grail (yup, I brought out the "HG" on ya!)

I'm almost sure that this isn't the first time you've heard about this concealer. Unless you've been living under a rock, you will have seen it pop up on blogs and YouTube videos alike, and for good reason! Last year around this time, I was looking for a new concealer that could offer a lighter weight texture while still giving me the coverage I was looking for. Oh, and of course it had to last all day on my skin. The sales rep at Sephora recommended this, which then lead to a wild goose chase for an entire month before I could get my hands on it because everyone went crazy for it when it was released. So you can imagine how I cherished the first application!

This concealer is definitely medium to full coverage if you build it up and although it is radiant, in the sense that it doesn't make your skin dull, it dries to a more matte finish which is great for oily skinned gals! The texture is smooth but it is slightly thicker than some other concealers that come in a doe foot applicator style tube. It glides over the skin really easily and you can blend it in with fingers or a brush (my favourite is the Real Techniques Contour Brush!). This is one of those concealers that works great for anything- discolouration, under eye circles, blemishes... you name it, this will conceal it! 

I started out with the shade Ginger for the summer months but at my palest I had to move down a shade to Custard. Getting the right shade makes your life so much easier because this concealer is amazing for when you want to do quick 2 minute makeup when you're really pressed for time. If I can't be bothered to put on foundation or tinted moisturizer, a few swipes of this under my eyes and on any red areas gives me the perfect no makeup base. Since the finish is somewhat velvety, I never have a problem with creasing or the product breaking down on my skin, but the finish still makes me look natural and radiant. Although the texture is thicker in consistency like I mentioned before, it still provides enough of a moisturizing feel where dry skin won't be accentuated. So, I'd definitely call this concealer the perfect all-rounder - good for any area of the face and any skin type, plus there are 10 shades that will satisfy most skintones! 

All in all, this concealer is definitely my favourite out of all of the ones I've ever tried and if I could recommend one product to people, this would be it. I feel like if I ever decide to try something else, this will always be the standard it'll have to live up to. So, you heard me makeup companies, you've got big shoes to fill! 

Have you tried this concealer yet? If so, what do you love the most about? Oh, and if you have something else that is better than this, leave it in the comments because I'm certainly curious ;)

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  1. t comes to concealer, I've been using the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer for a year now and nothing else has taken its place! The love I have for this ...

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