Faith Friday: It Takes Two

Whether you're single or not, let's just get straight into it and clarify that our relationship status is taken. The most important relationship in our lives is the one we build day after day with our Heavenly Father! But there's just one thing I want to remind you of - it takes two to dance. Like in every relationship, both people need to be in agreement and in the same spirit. They have to work together to grow in their relationship and nothing will get done successfully if one person is the one doing the heavy lifting. My point with this example? Don't let your relationship with Christ be one sided. He's pursuing you, but you need to do the same! 

It's very common to hear people talking about the fact that God is with them at all times and that He will never leave them, but what kind of relationship are you building if you aren't willing to do the same on your end? It is of the utmost importance that you give it YOUR all. It's not enough to say that He is with you when the relationship relies on the fact that you can say, "I'm near to you, too!" The connection we build with God is based on constant give and take. As he pours out of His love into you, you respond by giving your love and affection back. There's nothing more beautiful than that dynamic! 

I find that often times we go through seasons of not investing into our relationship with Christ. This all gets extra complicated when the reason behind it is the fact that we're investing more into our other relationships. Just know this, the more your connection with Christ grows, the more you can better love people in your other relationships. Never buy into the lie that you're wasting your time giving your all to God, because the product of that sacrifice is more than you could ever achieve through your own strength. Period. 

For my single ladies, stop being so worried about getting into a relationship when you already have one that should be keeping you busy! If you feel like developing a relationship with Christ is too easy, then you probably need to reconsider how much effort you are actually putting in. It may seem simple when you're the one receiving, but as soon as you see how much it takes to give as much as you get, well, your ideas may just change! Investing in God means investing in your future. One that is bright, filled with love, and so promising. So respond to Him, just like you would if you were establishing something with potential life partner. When God calls, pick up the phone. Set apart some time to talk everyday. Go on dates. I am 100 percent sure that if you can play your part in your relationship with Christ, you will be more than prepared to do the same when the right person comes along. Just remember, when someone does come along, it's not an excuse to place God on the side. Now you have yet another relationship to invest in, but don't lose sight of the fact that God was there from the beginning, He's your #1. If the person you potentially want to date doesn't understand that, then we've got another issue on our hands. 

It takes two. No matter what stage of life you're in right now, be mindful of the fact that you need to respond to Gods love. Stop giving Him the scraps and leftovers, the only thing He deserves is your very best. As He gives to you, give it all back in thankfulness. 

Enjoy the weekend! x

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