Upcoming Summer 2014 Makeup Collection Releases

A few months back I shared with you the exciting new Spring collections, so I thought I'd share my favourites for the Summer season! I never really used to pay attention to limited edition collections but there's always so many exciting releases - some of which actually stay permanent!

NARS have really been impressing me with their seasonal collections (I'm still bitter that I didn't jump on the Guy Bourdin thang...) and the Summer collection is no different. Firstly, their famous lip glosses are getting a bit of a revamp to their formula, packaging, and even throwing in a bunch of new shades - 7 to be exact, making the collection comprised of 30 shades in total! And even better news, these are permanent. They'll be available on the NARS site April 15th and at Sephora and specialty counters May 1st. I must say I'm pretty excited!

It wouldn't be a beauty post without me mentioning Anna would it? She mentioned the Chanel Les Beiges powders in videos previously and she always goes on about how smooth these are but I never took the plunge. But, when I saw this new release for the Les Beiges Summer 2014 collection, I was all over it. I specifically feel drawn to the Healthy Glow Multi Colour Powder that comes with a highlighter type shade, a light bronzer and a peachy pink blush (my fave!). It reminds me of the Clarins Palette I talked about a while back. I think this compact would be so useful, especially when you want a foolproof glow without having to take out three separate powders - genius! It seems like the official release date for these is May 5th so mark your calendars people! 

One release I'm just dying to get my hands on comes from Estee Lauder. I was thinking about this the other day but most of my favourite and most used foundations and base products come from Estee Lauder - so naturally, new summer bases being released get my blood pumping and my eyes wide open! I'm usually all about the matte finish and trying to control my oily face but their sheer, glowy bases have been calling my name for some reason. Maybe it's because of the weather warming up, but I feel like having a fresh, natural base with some precision powder going on is just, well fresher. The Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup (can that get any longer?) has been out for a little while now and it has me very interested. From the reviews I've seen, this looks like it gives a really natural finish but it stays in place all day - it has Double Wear on it so of course I hope the staying power is as insane as the original! Definitely something to look at. But most exciting to me is their even more recent bb cream release for oily, acne-prone skin. Yes, you heard that right. They've finally come around to the idea that blemishes aren't only for 12 year olds anymore! They brought out an entire range by the name of Clear Difference to help against blemishes (out right now!). They have included a serum, which looks amazing, a spot treatment, and a bb cream! It took one good look at that bb cream to know that I had to befriend it - moisturizing, gives coverage, and actively helps treat breakouts - oh boy, this could be the start of a wonderful thing! Clear Difference Complexion Perfecting BB Creme has an SPF of 35 which is perfect for these sun filled months ahead of us and it's oil free AND oil-controlling. I mean, I just can't - where do I sign up?

As you can see, I much prefer the actual colour collections for Spring. Summer collections tend to be a bit too full on for my liking with the excessive amounts of bright colours in their compacts, so I much prefer single product releases. All of these have me very curious and intrigued so when they come out in stores, I'll be swatting up a storm for sure!

Any summer releases you're excited about?

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