Faith Friday: Courage To Be Bold

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I'm actually pretty glad that I waited until today to publish this weeks Faith Friday post because I got really inspired by the occurrences that took place yesterday night. After having finished my first exam, I met up with a few people from my Youth Group for a bit of a Creative Worship night, in which we decided to worship through sharing God's love to others around our city. Now, I've touched base on this before but one of the biggest reasons I started this blog was because it gave me a platform to reach other people and share my love for Christ. 

It's always a bit nerve wracking when you walk up to someone and you share God's word because you wonder how they'll take it. I remember as a kid we'd do those little evangelism excursions and I always felt shy and like I was intruding into other peoples space. One of the coolest things I've learned from my youth leader has been that sharing God's word is all about showing love to people above all. Sometimes you don't need fancy words when a simple "God loves you - Have a nice day!" will suffice. Or maybe it's taking that moment to encourage someone when you see that they may be struggling. I always thought that you had to do all of the work, like if people didn't accept Jesus into their hearts you had failed. I have good news though - planting a seed is just as good. I mean, snaps for you if through your testimony someone comes to Christ automatically but sometimes Gods' plan may be to use you in the first step and then use someone else to keep watering that seed. All in all, the point is to do something! Take a look at this poem written by a friend of mine - so much goodness, right? 

You know that feeling you get when you wish you could just tell someone that although they are going through a tough time they can rely on God for their comfort? It's there for a reason. You aren't here to judge anyone but there isn't anything wrong with a little encouragement and showing people some love! You'd be surprised at how much it is lacking in our society! For me, my first step has been writing things down. Even yesterday, when my friend (mentioned above) wanted to share something with a girl she simply wrote a little note and handed it to her. The girl was probably quite surprised but it was the perfect way for my friend to share since she isn't completely comfortable with speaking those words yet. I feel like I'm in the same position. I feel so much more comfortable writing about what God is doing than saying it but there will come a time, and I've probably let some times pass me by, where I need to speak out loud. And it's in those times that I just need all of the courage to be as bold as I can be.

Walking in the faith isn't always easy but it certainly is rewarding. It might be scary to share your feelings about Christ but it's not impossible. He gives you courage when you need it most. So I'm going to try to expand the ways in which I am bold for God. Writing is great, but let's try something out loud next time, as simple as it may be. Your words shouldn't be condemning, they should be healing. People out there need hope and hope has a name; Jesus. Always remember that your testimony also speaks for you most of the time so always keep that in mind but remember that it really isn't the thought that always counts in this situation, we need to act. 

So I just encourage you to be a bit bolder and speak words of love, strength, encouragement and beauty onto other people - and I accept my own challenge! I know it's time for me to go beyond my writing. Some people may not to be open to it and reject you, others may listen and say thanks at the end. Whatever the case may be, we need God's grace and compassion to know how to approach those situations regardless of how the outcome may be. 

have you ever felt this way? How do you share God's love with other people?
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  1. You know you made it when you are mentioned on the Glorious Peonies blog twice! *dance* but so true!! The journey to being bold is a staircase not an elevator. For myself it was a note, for others it could be a simple smile or just straight up conversation. So many forms of being bold and sharing the love! :)

    -Diana C

    1. HAHA oh staaaap it! Oh I like that, staircase not an elevator! Very true my dear friend :)

  2. I wish there was a love button for this!!
    I'm in the same place when it comes to sharing my faith! Been asking God to grant be boldness!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. This put such a huge grin on my face, I'm so happy that this spoke to you. I go through this struggle all of the time so I'm glad other people can share in it. Thanks for reading (and I'll work on a love button haha!)


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