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I may love my Estee Lauder bases but there are certainly some amazing budget options at the drugstore! Every now and again I do a bit of a clear out and decide to try something new in my foundation drawer. I'd been wanting to try the L'Oreal True Match Foundation for ages so that was no doubt going on my list and then I saw that the Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation was on sale for a mere $5.95! So I went into WalMart with these two in mind and picked up the shade W4 in the L'Oreal and 220 in the Maybelline. Here's what I think:

L'oreal True Match

The Good: I chose the True Match foundation because I thought it gave a good amount of coverage and the finish was natural and not overly matte or dewy. After trying it for a few weeks I would have to say that it delivers on those fronts. The shade worked well for my skin (might I add that there are a whopping 23 shades in the range!) and the formula is incredibly easy to blend out so you can take your time and buff it in or you can put some between your fingers and slap it on as you run to head out! The coverage is great and you can build it up in areas where you need more concealing. Once applied it looks really beautiful on the skin because it doesn't cake up like other foundations can and I find that my face looks glowy (not be confused with greasy!). From a person who has combo/oily skin, it looks natural and flawless without looking like a mask and it lasts a good 6-7 hours without significant fading. I got home after a long day of classes and my mom said "Woah, what do you have on today? Your skin looks great" - I took that as a very good indicator of how the foundation looked. I can definitely see why this has such a loyal fan base in terms of drugstore foundations. 

The Bad: The packaging..... I've seen this foundation in videos and reviews from the UK and I noticed that their bottle comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a pump. Now if only L'Oreal could get the memo that North Americans appreciate foundation pumps too. Since the formula is on the more liquify side, product can go to waste when you tilt the bottle over no matter how careful you are. (I've tweeted them but apparently they don't see the issue....) Side note: It does have SPF 17 so you might love it for the day time but if you plan to take pictures with flash, you might not want to wear it unless you're going for the Caspar look. 

The Ugly: Nothing to report here. I think this foundation is great apart from the stinkin' no pump issue but I think if I tweet enough L'Oreal might have to just listen (or think I'm a psycho haha).

Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free

The Good: I have tried the original Fit Me liquid foundation and I liked it for days when I know my makeup doesn't have to last too long or when I'm having drier skin but it wouldn't make the cut for my oilier skin days. So, when I saw the Shine-Free version, you can imagine my excitement. I've never been a stick foundation kinda girl. The concept always seemed strange to me because application looked so awkward - do you stripe it on like war paint? Do you rub your finger in it and then swipe it on and blend? When I first tested it out my initial impression was intrigue. The formula is so creamy that it didn't resemble any other foundation stick I'd seen before. When you blend it in it becomes velvety, thanks to the shine-free core as they call it, but not extremely powdery, and gives your skin enough glow to prevent it from looking like you powdered it heavily. I tried it on like foundation and it was okay but then I took some pointers from Kate (gh0stparties) and used it as a concealer and I liked it a lot more. I wasn't crazy about having all over, maybe because my skin was going through a drier stage, but it did work well to conceal scaring and made it easy to wear a lighter coverage base on areas just to even out my skin tone. Like I said, it is super creamy so you won't have an issue in terms of blending. 

The Bad: I don't necessarily find this a bad quality, but some people may not like it. Having to apply by rubbing your finger in it may not sit well with germophobes but it does make for easy application when you're in a rush. Because it is shine-free I would say that if you have drier skin it probably wouldn't be the best product to just swipe all over your face from the stick but to spot conceal I think it works quite well. 

The Ugly: Again, nothing too ugly to report here!

So, are you looking for new drugstore foundations to test out? You might want to start with these two!
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