Neutral + Colour Pop

Shirt, Winners (old) // Jeans, Old Navy // Boots, Spring // Necklace, Costa Blanca

Being silly, as always. 

Fall is my absolute favourite season (it's kind of a tie with spring). There's nothing better than the crisp air, falling leaves and cozy outfits! Sometimes I get stuck in the rut of wearing darks and neutrals so much that I forget to bring in colour. Solution? Statement necklaces! I love wearing simple outfits and adding that extra pop of colour through jewelry. I thought the fun bright orange statement necklace was a great way to tie in all the pretty fall colours this season is famous for. Plus, a bright fuchsia lip doesn't hurt right?

Hope you're all enjoying these beautiful fall days! I encourage you to take some time out of your hectic, busy schedules and take a little walk and just admire the beauty of the season. God seriously amazes me  all the time and He is so evident in all the gorgeous trees that are losing their leaves. Take this season to let go of the leaves in your life that need to go, and get ready because before you know it, spring will arrive and He'll make things new and better than you could've ever imagined. Only thing you need to do is BELIEVE.

Thanks for stopping by! xo.

Glorious Peonies. 

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