Book Worm #1

One of the things I wish I had more time for is getting to read books just for fun. I had a huge list of books I was determined to read this summer but I decided to take classes all summer long so my plans of reading didn't stand a chance. For the past three months I've been reading a book on and off and although I'm not finished yet, I need to talk about it!

I haven't mentioned this yet but I'm a huge history lover! When I was younger I was hooked on anything Egyptian or Greek (probably the reason one of my majors is Classics!) and I could spend hours talking about it. Learning about modern history on the other hand is a different story. That being said, I am completely fascinated with anything to do with African American history and the topic of segregation in general. That explains why I cried during the movie 42 about Jackie Robinson, why I love Hairspray, and why To Kill A Mockingbird was probably my favourite book I was made to read in high school. 

I watched The Help when it came out and I have to say, it's one of my favourite movies! The topic was obviously interesting to me but the humour, the fashion from that time period and Emma Stone, I was sold! After watching the movie I decided I'd read the book. It made me a bit nervous because I wasn't sure how the book was compared to the movie but I'm so in love with it! I've been caught laughing out loud on many occasions and I carry it around wherever I go hoping I'll have time to catch up on some pages!

The subject matter can be tough but it's definitely thought provoking! I think that's one of my favourite things about the book. You get to see the story from the perspectives of different characters and it makes you really think about discrimination and being cruel to others. I hope I can be as courageous as Skeeter is in the book and really stand for what's right! --- But can I just say that Minny is just amazing haha! She tells it like it is and any chapter where she narrates I can't help but laugh out loud hysterically. 

Hopefully you give it a read and tell me how you like it! I have quite a few books on my To Read list so I'll continue doing Book Worm posts as I get through them. 

Have an amazing week and know that God is with you giving you courage when you need to stand up for what's right! Thanks for stopping by xo

Glorious Peonies. 

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