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I thought it might be nice to introduce myself a little bit more today. Mostly because I didn't do that last time, whoops! Can you tell I'm still getting the hang of this thing? Well, I want to share some of my passions with you and things that inspire me because I want that to show through in the posts to come. 

As I said previously, my goal here is to transmit my love for God through all that I write. I want to share the things that I learn as I walk through my journey with Him. WARNING: this journey might get rocky! ---- But I'm learning that the lows are just as great as the highs because you learn! (yeah, learning can be hard sometimes, but I'll tell you more about that in the future).

I love a lot of things! So, I want to write about all the things that inspire me and hopefully, might inspire you. Now, let me just start off by saying that I'm a girly girl through and through. Anything to do with beauty and fashion - I'm there! Sephora is dreamland for me, as you can see below. 
Something I find a lot of the times is that as a Christian girl you get told that these things make you vain and you should stay away from them but I truly think that the saying "everything in moderation" really applies here. I think dabbling in these things is fun and a way to express your creativity. But this should never take your focus off of the fact that your beauty lies within who God is. He made you in His image. Let that sink in for a sec. Loving who you are is a challenge at times but when you make this revelation a reality in your everyday life, you won't see your imperfections. All you'll see is His image reflected in you.

Another one of my passions (which I'll hopefully get to live out more in the future) is traveling. Ever since I was a little girl, the world fascinated me. I love all the different languages, the cultures and how in a few hours you can be in a completely new place. Last year I got to live out my dream of exploring Paris and Brussels which was incredible. It was the trip that sparked an interest in photography in me so it was pretty special. Hopefully I can share any more travels with you when they happen. Here are some of my favourite pictures!

Apart from all the things I mentioned above, I love cooking and music! I've been playing the piano since I was 11 years old and it has truly become one of the things in life that has really defined me as a person! The best part is that I've been able to play in the worship team at church and that has been amazing! Can't wait to share more of that with y'all! And cooking (....more like food in general) is so fun! I've always been quite the experimenter in the kitchen and making desserts should probably be my job during any holiday. Can't wait to share some recipes with you, especially with Thanksgiving just around the corner! Here are a few of my attempts at being domestic ;)

So there are a few things I wanted to share about myself! I'd love to incorporate these passions into posts for Glorious Peonies in the near future. I hope you have all had an amazing week so far! Yay for the weekend :)

Glorious Peonies.

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