New Year, New Semester, New Stationery

I have a confession to make. I love stationery. I don't even think the word "love" begins to even describe the rush I get when I see a colourful pack of pens, a cute notebook or a fun agenda. But really, back to school season (or new semester season) is always my favourite because I get to start a fresh notebook and pack of pens... as if I need any more. 

This year I'm so excited to be using the Kate Spade agenda to keep myself organized and on track for school assignments and tests. Honestly there is nothing cuter and the quotes for each month are so fun! The layout of the agenda is well thought out - a good monthly planner and a week on two pages to make categorizing things to do much easier. I can't find it in stock anywhere online but you may want to check your local Kate Spade and see if they have any more in stock. 

As I'm learning more about the whole blogging deal and figuring out how to make it fit into my schedule better I thought I needed a notebook dedicated to all things blog related. I chose this Martha Stewart journal as my blogging book because it's compact enough but it has enough pages to plan for months to come. But the real reason is because it's really pretty to carry around and write in.... don't judge me ok? In it I write ideas for future posts, schedule in time for photographing and writing as well as jot down what day each post will be going up. It allows me to keep up and not have to write posts last minute. 

The two pink mini journals pictured above are by Moleskine and I found them at my university bookstore. They're great for having on my desk in case I need to write down any quick notes or carrying around with me for inspiration since they're so light and easy to have with me. There are tons of pastel coloured notebooks on their site that are calling my name but I think I'm good on the notebook front... for now ;)

What are your favourite stationery items for keeping organized? 
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  1. I love your Kate Spade agenda! :) Notebooks are fantastic- I have one for every class, for blogging, errands... They're the best! I also love my Lilly Pulitzer agenda.


    1. I'm definitely a collector when it comes to notebook! I love the Lilly Pulitzer agendas - I would've gotten one if it weren't out of stock when I was searching for it!


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