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Happy Monday everyone! A little while back I shared with you guys my skincare routine and I expressed my feelings of dissatisfaction with the current products I was using. I felt like I needed to streamline the skincare bunch I had going on and add a few new things that could help out with my skin needs. Today I want to share the products I've incorporated into my routine.... but I won't be doing a full review yet because I want to use them at least for a few more weeks. I will say that I'm very pleased with these products and so far they have been doing better than the items I was using previously. 

I think I mentioned in my previous skin care post that I've been getting a bit more blemish prone these past few weeks. It always sucks because the rest of my face won't have active spots (just some scarring) but I'll have that one, under the skin, painful zit that pops up right in the middle of my face. awesome right? So I decided to get a mask that I've heard does wonders for decongesting the skin and I was not disappointed. The Origins Clear Improvement mask is great! It makes my face feel so fresh afterward without making it feel stripped or overly dried out! Definitely a good purchase.

SPF is important, no matter what time of the year you're in. I had neglected using sun protection for quite a while so I decided to make it my mission to incorporate it into my routine. This option from Neutrogena is surprisingly great on oily skin and doesn't leave my face feeling tacky or oily. Plus it kind of acts as a primer.... more on that some other time ;)

Moisturizer is something that I have never really gotten right. I have combination skin so sometimes a cream won't be moisturizing enough for dry patches or be too rich and cause me to break out. During Christmastime I decided to make it my mission to research some options and add them to my wishlist. I chose the Origins Ginzing moisturizer for day and the High Potency Night-A-Mins for night, of course. I love that the day cream is a gel formulation so it's refreshing yet helps me feel moisturized during the day. I've never used a night cream but the Night-A-Mins cream has changed my mind! A little richer but it does the job and I wake up with the smoothest baby skin imaginable!

So far I've been quite happy with my new skincare friends and hopefully it'll stay that way. Now all I have to do is find a good toner (Pixi Glow Tonic, why can't I find you anywhere #outofstock) and a better spot treatment and my routine will be complete. 

Have you tried any new skin care miracles you'd like to share?
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  1. That Gin-Zing moisturizer sounds amazing! I have the same problem with combination skin that is prone to dryness but can get breakouts from moisturizers. I also have the Origins mask and love it as well :)


    1. I love the GinZing moisturizer especially because it has such a reasonable price for such great quality! Glad to know I'm not the only one having an Origins loving spree ;)


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