The "I Need To Leave Right Now" Look

I know I've shown my 5 product face routine previously on the blog, but I thought I'd narrow it down even more for when you're extremely pressed for time. Hopefully I'm not the only one who has woken up 30 minutes before I had to leave and needed to sandwich in a shower, breakfast and makeup in that time span. When I'm caught in such a dilemma I only apply the staples that make me look a bit more alive. 

This step really depends on what kind of a skin day I'm having. If my skin is look alright I can usually get away with a few swipes of concealer (note: this means it needs to match your skin tone perfectly or else spot concealing will be very noticeable). Since I'd usually set any liquid products on my face with powder, I thought sticking with just a quick buffing in of powder would take care of most of my redness and keep the oil at bay. The powder I'm currently finishing off is the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

No matter how pressed for time I am there is always time to put a little life back into my face. Since I don't suffer from terribly pale skin, I usually opt for some blush. It's perfect for giving you a rosy glow! Tip: If you still like the warmth of a bronzer, a good option is MAC Melba blush. The blush I have been grabbing for is Lancome Blush Subtil in Aplum.

I can't lie, almost everyday without fail all I do is apply a few coats of mascara and that's eyes settled. I'm not a big fan of a full eyeshadow look for daytime because it's too done up for my style of "no-makeup makeup" so I keep it as simple as possible. A swipe of Benefit They're Real Mascara is all I need to add a little extra umph.

Again, when you're running out the door you can't be bothered with lipsticks and liners. Applying something that you can throw into your purse and touch up as needed without the mess is essential! For this step I always choose a tinted balm of some sort because it gives me some colour but all the nourishment I want in one simple swipe. To go with the rosy look I chose Nivea Fruity Shine in Cherry. 
Those were my steps for the quickest makeup I can do without having to go out looking like a mess. What are your favourite products to use when you're in a rush?

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