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Apart from my love of the blackened red manicure, I've been enjoying a few of my Essie polishes a lot this month, as well as a new base coat and top coat to go along. A few years back I swore by Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat but after hearing about all the health warnings that came along with that little bottle I decided it was time to start searching for a new top coat. I've been thoroughly enjoying Sally Hansen's selection of top coats lately (btw, how weird is it that there was never anyone even named Sally Hansen....). I tried the one that comes in the metallic bottle but I settled for Insta Dri because it dries my nails really quickly but won't have me inhaling the toxic fumes emitted from Seche Vite.

 For a base coat I'm not particularly fussy, mostly because no matter what I try nothing prevents the staining that happens with dark polishes. Lately I've been getting through this bottle of Sally Hansen Complete Care base coat. it says it basically does everything from protecting your nails from staining to helping to fortify them.... I can't say much for the fortification and lengthening of nails due to this alone but it has served me well. 

Colour wise this month has definitely been about the Essie domination. I grew up very much an OPI kind of girl but I've expanded my horizons and been liking Essie polishes, especially since the brush isn't so tiny anymore. The colours that I've been gravitating towards the most this month have been Merino Cool (a new purchase which I love --- very similar to L'Oreal Greyt Expectations), Sand Tropez and Fiji. Funny enough these colours are a little bit harder to apply for me. Not impossible but definitely a bit more finicky compared to those shades that are opaque in one swipe. All of these picks are definitely more muted and neutral but I cannot wait to wear brighter hues in the months to come. Hello Spring, I'm waiting for you!

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