YSL's Take On The Perfect Peachy Pink

It's no surprise at all that when it comes to lip and cheek colours I'm a peachy pink lover through and through. A good coral shade livens up any skin tone and adds the perfect glow without bringing out any extra redness your skin may have. In my search for some new shades in this category I've found a lipstick formula that applies like butter and gives the most gorgeous sheen and colour. Say hello to YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in #15 Corail Intuitive.

This shade can look a little brighter in the tube but applied on the lips it goes quite a bit more sheer and is honestly the best mixture of pink and peach, ever! Besides the beautiful colour, the formulation of this lipstick is dreamy. I'm not sure if butter is the softest thing around, especially since it's what people compare anything creamy to, but I can see how this lipstick could be compared to it. It goes on without tugging on your lips and is basically a hybrid between a lipstick, gloss and balm. Aside from performing well, let's just take a moment and appreciate the beauty that is YSL packaging. The best little piece of luxury you can have lying around! And yes, this is extremely pricey for a lipstick but it's one of those things that you kinda have to buy with that change for a rainy day. At $39 a piece this is definitely not a lipstick you can buy every shade of (unless you can, in which case, let's go shopping!) but if you find a shade that works for you I'd definitely give it a try. You can find these at Sephora along with the full range of Rouge Volupte lipsticks that YSL does. 

Any shades you love and recommend? I really shouldn't be asking since I don't need the added temptation but you never know when my rainy day dimes will come in handy. 

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  1. Ahhh I've been loving the YSL lipsticks! The "nude in private" shade is really nice as well, but I love this one :) I find lipsticks are always great rainy day buys- my favorite brands are MAC & Revlon and right now I'm really loving Pink in the Afternoon and Gentlemen Prefer Pink- both from Revlon :)


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