Spring Into Beauty With Spring 2014 Makeup Collections

The bow on this blush?! Seriously! *drool*
I know, it's only the end of January and there is currently more inches of snow outside than I would like but Spring is almost here (-ish). As a commuter, I spend an hour or so of my week browsing around the mall before class just to destress and to keep an eye out for new releases. Thankfully, the other day I caught a glimpse of some of the newest Spring 2014 makeup collections and let me tell ya, love! There's nothing better than spring makeup in my humble opinion because it's all about pastels, sheer textures and a barely there look - all of which make me pretty excited. I think I've made it pretty clear already that I have a love for all things French related so it's no surprise that my favourite collections are from French brands! The ads are perfection and the colour range is exquisite. Although a lot of the runway inspiration for spring trends can be a little out there (I will not be wearing a thick layer of bright blue eyeshadow any time soon!), there's always a way to bring those trends into your daily routine without looking like a complete psycho. That's why spring collections are so great, you get to play around with products that are inspired by trends but in a more everyday, wearable way. Come on Spring, I'm waiting for you!

Dior Trianon 2014 Spring Collection:
This collection is filled with gorgeous pastel shades and an amazing attention to detail with the girly and flirty packaging. Bows are great but on makeup?! That's a whole notha level of gloriousness!



Perle looks so pretty! But so do the rest (confessions of a nail polish lover) (source)
Lancome French Ballerine Spring 2014 Collection:
It's no surprise the Lancome collection for this season would be beautiful but it honestly looks better than I imagined. I love the theme they chose, especially since Lily Collins looks amazing in these soft hues. Count me in for a little bit of Lancome loving this Spring! 

Ahhh Lily Collins and those bold brows are perfect for this campaign! (source)
 One of my favourite lipstick formulations in beautiful new shades! (source)
Excited to give these a swatch (source)

NARS New Edge of Pink Final Cut Collection
I tried to find this collection on the NARS site but I'm not sure why it wasn't listed. In any case, I've seen pictures of these new colours and they are gorgeous! I've been tempted by their lip pencils so the fact that they have spring shades now excites me quite a bit! 
Are you hearing your name being called when you look at any of these collections? (Say yes just so I don't feel alone ok?). Any other releases making your heart flutter? If so, let me know so I can take a peak! Have a great start to your week and hold onto Christ because I know He'll bless you in amazing ways. Thanks for stopping by!
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