Missing Summertime....

I think there's a very good reason why people basically countdown until next summer once Labour Day has come and gone...  Summertime just brings out the best in all of us. If seasons represent feelings then summer is just joyful. It's colourful, fun and full of adventure - and right about now, I'm ready for summer to come back into town! 

Every time I have to go outside and realize I'm stick stuck in minus ridiculous weather, I want to transport myself to a place where the frozen lemonades are plentiful and the palm trees line the roads. But, since I don't have the luxury of being able to teleport (if you do, please contact me!), looking at summertime pictures have to suffice. 

It baffles me that I haven't been near an ocean in ages and the last time I went swimming was in 2011. Don't even ask me how that happened but it has and I'm not happy about it. Living in Canada doesn't make the situation any easier but there is one special place that makes summer up north a little more bearable. My family and I went on a very, very long road trip to Bruce Peninsula National Park and it was the most beautiful, clear turquoise water I've seen in a long while! I'm hoping to go this summer and actually swim in the water (I went at the beginning of September so there was just no way!)

Here are some pictures I've taken during the summertime. Just to keep us motivated and excited for the months to come! Hopefully this year I'll actually get to enjoy the quick Canadian summer since last year I spent it on campus trying to fast track. 

Is this really Canada?
fresh strawberries - yum.
Sunsets at the marina
Can't wait for summertime, but you definitely won't see me cliff jumping any time soon!
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  1. Oh my heavens these pictures are beautiful! Can this really be our Canada? You will be doing cliff jumping with me though! *happy dances*
    And that ice cream, I can stare at it for days, beauty!

    -Diana C [Two Are Better Than One]

    1. Thanks girl! I'm on the hunt to find pretty Canadian spots, there's gotta be pretty stuff out there. Yeah right, over my dead body I'll jump off anything higher than an inch haha!
      I know, that ice cream shot is one of my faves!


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