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Lipgloss isn't usually the lip product I'm the most excited about unless we're talking the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors which I've professed my love for continuously. On my pursuit of expanding my lipgloss horizons I thought I'd give these Milani Brilliant Shine Glosses a try! This is a fairly new release for the brand and although I haven't seen Milani sold in any other place other than WalMart in Canada, people in the United States should have much better luck getting their hands on them. These are very affordable at $5.50 each and they come in 14 shades, ranging from pinks and corals, to violets and reds. You really can't complain on the shade collection here, especially for the price. 

The shade I chose, mostly due to a lack of a large stock, is Sweet Grapefruit - a pinky coral (go figure!) that is a cream finish. This colour is incredible flattering and I think it's a shade that would work on many different skin tones and makeup looks. In terms of packaging, Milani has created a very sleek see through tube with gold detailing on the writing and handle which looks quite nice. Inside, this lipgloss offers a doe-foot applicator which is pretty standard with glosses at the drugstore. 

Milani claims that these have "rich colour, extreme high shine, and comfortable lasting wear" as well as being "moisturizing and non-tacky". With these lofty claims in mind, I set out to test the gloss and see if it delivers on all of these fronts. The colour pay off was decent. It was enough to show some remnant of the colour on my lips but it surely wasn't as pigment as lacquers and lip glosses I've tried (for example, the Rimmel Apocalips). It's semi translucent but that might just be the shade I chose, In any case, these aren't glosses that you would choose for their incredibly pigmented look - though that might be your liking for more natural looks. For layering over other lipsticks or rocking them on a natural makeup day, these are great!

As the name suggests, this lipgloss packed in a lot of shine while on the lips so they are sheeny and give your pout quite the full effect... check! Milani also said they provide a comfortable lasting wear and I'd say although they are creamy and glide on easily, the lasting power of these glosses isn't impressive - as is the case with most glosses. You will need to reapply often so they're not a gloss that leaves a stain but there are better options in this category anyways. I'd say these last 2 hours or so before you'd want to freshen up. This doesn't bother me since reapply lipgloss is kinda therapeutic...

Now to assess the "moisturizing and non-tacky claim." One of these claims is highly misleading, to say the least while the other is thrown in for marketing purposes. These are tacky, sticky and any other word you can find for "put your hair in a ponytail before you get your hair stuck on your lips!" One of the reasons I stay away from lip glosses is their formula. MAC lip glasses always bothered me in that sense because I felt like they were incredible thick and sticky. These aren't as thick or gloopy but they're still too thick for my liking - which is why the Clarins offering is top ranking for me. If you aren't concerned with the stickier feel then I don't think it would be much to worry you. I can't say that these are moisturizing just because the stickiness makes them feel like they're just sitting on your lips doing nothing but making them look shiny. Moisturizing glosses tend to have a creamier, balm-like texture so I can't vouch for the moisturizing factor. 

Overall, I think these glosses are a good choice if you're on a budget. I would probably think they were better if they didn't have so many claims to live up to but the stickiness is my only issue. For the price and the array of colours, the Milani Brilliant Shine gloss is a good release for lipgloss lovers who want a fuller, plump and shiny pout without the burn of typical plumping glosses. 

What do you think about these glosses? Does sticky lipgloss give you nightmares like it does for me?

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