Faith Friday: Eternal Perspective

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Another week has gone by - TGIF. No matter how your week went, don't fret! Today is another Faith Friday (my favourite day) and I'm excited to share my thoughts, well mostly God's thoughts because I can't take the credit for these posts. I woke up today and to be truthful, I had no idea what to write. After having breakfast and doing some more homework, I found my self on Pinterest - which isn't unlikely! I kept seeing those pictures on Instagram and Pinterest where you take a photo of a landscape through a pair of sunnies and then it all clicked! Here's what God revealed to me through these photographs!

Have you ever thought to yourself, how does God see creation? I've always wondered about it because when I was younger I thought of God as this really giant man holding the entire universe - which to him was small enough to hold in His hands - in His palms and having this amazing aerial view where every single thing was accessible. It brought me to the conclusion that God must have some seriously good eye sight to zoom in on little ol' me when He has the hole universe at his disposal. One of my favourite things to do in life is to explore different perspectives. It is so incredibly important to see the world through not only your eyes, but through the eyes of others, from a distance, very close to you, from an aerial view; basically from every possible angle because one picture isn't enough!

This week a friend of mine confided in me that she had a really lousy week and I could completely understand why she felt this way. I just remember telling her that God had a plan with what happened, mostly because He didn't see the situation for what it was right at that very moment - God has eternal perspective. He sees you for what He ultimately created you to be, for what you will slowly become. He's not done with you or your life yet so why do you keep seeing it from only one perspective?

In the past, I've had some close friends just chat with me about different things they go through and I get the question, "So what do you think? Is what I'm doing wrong?" My answer is simple and always quite similar: If you were in my shoes, listening to exactly what I'm hearing, what would your reaction be without all the emotions you have attached to them? So you're dating this guy but you just know he isn't right for but you like him soooo much - if you thought this guy was bad news when you didn't have feeling attached to the idea of him, just walk away. Do you see how much perspective and taking a step back from the situation can completely change what it looks like? Simple photography skills make a great analogy. Depending on how close or far you are from the subject and how you focus on one particular point, the end result of a photograph can be drastically different. This is the same with a life situation. Don't be stuck on taking your eye's lenses and focusing on one point when the entire panorama that is still blurry paints a different picture. (Oh snap, I'm even revealing stuff to myself while writing!)

A few years back this phrase "Look at the world like He does, with eternal perspective" came into my mind out of nowhere when my life felt like it was in complete chaos. When I began to see my situation like God saw it, that made all the difference. The Lord sees you as His beautiful creation, filled with beauty that hasn't been tapped into yet, with a glorious purpose and eyes that was shaped by His own hands. When you walk out today, put on your God seeing glasses and see the world like He does. See the beauty in the girl or guy that people call ugly, see the colours that you never notice because you're always in a rush, focus on the good that people do and look forward! Think eternal.

Remember that you are a child of the light, open up that aperture and let light flow inside! You can't see the way God sees when the darkness is clouding your vision.

"You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness"
1 Thessalonians 5:5

Have a lovely day! Don't forget that you were made for more...
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  1. This is great & such a timely post for me. Especially right now it's hard to see what His plan is for me right now. But I just have to trust that He knows, He sees everything, & He has a plan. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. I'm so glad this spoke to you in the season you're at right now, Sarah! Thank you for reading :)

  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing. I totally agree that we should always look at our lives through God's eyes.


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