Happy (half...) Birthday, GP!

Ok, so it's not my blogs actual birthday but half birthdays are just as much of a reason to celebrate! It's been a fun 6 months let me tell ya! I never thought I would have the courage to start writing and doing this whole thang but I'm so happy that I did. Getting to write about the things that I love the most, and having people actually read it is still shocking to me. I've been able to connect with people I would have never been able to connect with otherwise and just thinking about what is to come really excites me. 

Obviously I'm still getting the hang of it but that's what I love most about this experience - I get to learn more each day and express myself and be creative. So, thanks. Thank you for coming over onto my little corner of the internet and staying a while. Thanks for believing in me enough to follow my blog and for all of the sweet comments. It's funny how someone you have never even met can make your day with a few simple words. My goal is to inspire - aspire to inspire is my little catch phrase I repeat. Hopefully I've done that, even in the smallest way, and continue to do so. This has been a really fulfilling 6 months and all I can say is God is soooo good! 

So, Happy half  birthday Glorious Peonies! (side note: you have all been given permission to have some birthday cake - live a little!)

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