5 Study Break Ideas

After a long while of studying my brain is just screaming for a break so here are 5 things I like to do when I relax for 10 minutes or so:

1// Blog Away!
I've really been trying to get my blog posts prepared earlier but sometimes a bunch of assignments and upcoming tests don't make that an easy task. When I've studied an hour or two, I like to take some time to go on the blog and do a little bit of maintenance or just brainstorm ideas for future posts. Blogging is something I've chosen to do as a fun hobby so it's not a chore at all! There's always pictures I want to edit or make into a collage and this is the perfect time to do it. If you don't have a blog, taking this time to maybe write a bit of poetry or look through photos you have that bring back good memories, can really brighten your spirit!

2// Doggy Dance Party
When you're really busy, the last thing you want to do is work out #lazygirlprobz. When I have these extra 10 minutes I go downstairs, grab Charlie and just listen to super upbeat music and dance around! Even before I had Charlie, I'd have impromptu solo dance parties in my room and it really gets your heart rate up. Perfect solution for getting your blood flowing AND having fun! (Make a dance party playlist!!!)

3// Organize A Section Of Your Room
If you're anything like me, studying for hours on end means that your bedrooms tidiness can fall to the wayside. It can get really overwhelming to have your whole room look like it was hit by a tornado so during study breaks I decide to tidy up one section of my room. It allows me to get things done without feeling frustrated - and if you can't bring yourself to do it, turn up the music. Nothing makes boring things (such as exercising or cleaning...) more enjoyable than playing music while you do it!

4// Online Window Shopping Anyone? (YouTube Style)
Now, this is probably for those who have a bit more constraint and willpower. I often have a running list of products I want to check out so if I have some time to waste, going through different videos and looking at reviews is my favourite pastime! I'm definitely a conscientious shopper and don't just throw myself at things, especially when they have a hefty price tag. There are tons of really great reviews out there so watch one or two (or five) on YouTube during my breaks. 

5// Make a Healthy Snack
To stop myself from munching on a big bowl of chips while I type away, I like to do my study snacking during my designated break time. This is a really good tip if you have a problem with obsessive snacking like I do. I'll go to the kitchen and cut up some fruit or even better, make myself a smoothie ( my fave!). Smoothies fill me up and are much easier to digest - plus I get in my fruit intake for the day and my veggies, which I hide inside. If you eat during this time, then you're less likely to keep a large reservoir of junk food by your desk at all times! 

Most of all, make sure study breaks are just as productive as when you're actually studying. Having accomplished something when you aren't studying makes you feel better about yourself once you get back to your dreaded homework! Have fun and let it be a time to get your mind off of whatever you were doing so that you can get back to your work station refreshed and ready to go!

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  1. These are awesome study break ideas Nathali! I definitely do all of these. Watching YouTube videos and catching up on blogs are two of my favorite ways to take a break from working :)

    1. Thanks Meggie! I always have to restrain myself before I watch every YouTube video known to man haha!


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