The Best of Spring: Essie Edition

As a previously loyal, die hard OPI fan, this post kind of makes me laugh. I was never interested in buying Essie polishes until maybe a year ago when I fell in love with them. As with every brand, you have the odd dud here and there, but I've loved many of the shades that I've had from Essie and I actually prefer their brushes because they are thinner and allow for a lot of precision. 

I noticed that my collection, as a whole, was lacking in the spring/summer shade category so I took myself to Target (when Essie was on sale whoop!) and did some damage. Keep in mind this was over a period of like 7 months - which in the end doesn't matter because it's still a lot haha! I'm so excited to be sporting these shades on my nails in the coming months! The colours I included are: (bottom row) Mademoiselle, Fiji, Sand Tropez, Absolutely Shore; (top row) Bikini So Teeny, Mod Square, Watermelon, Really Red.  (I'm wearing Mod Square in the picture). I love wearing Fiji with a tan and Watermelon looks like it'll be one of my preferred pinks during the warmer weather!

This line up has everything I could want for Spring/Summer nails - except I would probably add in an orange and a purple, but otherwise, these are some of my go to shade ranges. Aside from Essie though, I am so tempted to buy some shades from the Deborah Lippmann Spring Collection because they are seriously beautiful! Vivianna Does Makeup has made me want more beauty products once again! (more on her recommendations in an upcoming post!)
To sum it up, I'm involved in a major love affair with Essie at the moment and I don't think it'll be a summer fling ;)
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  1. I see your Mademoiselle gets a lot of love! Love this post. Love nailpolish! I feel like shopping now :P

    1. Haha I know! It's basically my default when I don't know what else to wear. I'm such an enabler for you ;)


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