Long Hair, Short Hair and Everything In Between

I confess that if there's something I can't make my mind up about it's hair length. When it comes to colour, I've only experimented about 2 times and this past summer it was the most dramatic change I've done ever. I decided to go for the balayage look and I went pretty blonde for what I was used to (thanks to my instigating fried - you know who you are!). My mom is a hairstylist so I have it pretty easy in the sense that I don't have to spend tons of money on my hair but my mom always says that I'm her worst client.

As a mother, she loves me to pieces and we are each others best friend but when it's time for me to sit in the hot seat, well, let's just say she has to mentally prepare herself a few days in advance. I personally don't think I'm that bad but since I can never make a decision and I'm so incredibly particular, she always says that any stylist other than her would probably kick me out. Whoops, sorry mom!

A few weeks ago I decided to go back to my darker roots so I covered up the light caramel balayage I had going on and I chose to darken it but still have a bit of dimension in the shade of brown in my hair. For a few months now I haven't touched the length, mostly because I've traumatized my mom with how many times I flip flop between wanting super long hair and just chopping it all off. I have my moments. 

Lately though, I've been seeing more damage to my ends than I usually do and I really want that feeling of when you cut off a few inches and your hair is super thick and lush... oh how I love that feeling. The only problem is that I'm all or nothing with my haircut. Sometimes I go a little too short compared to what I had planned so I scoured through Pinterest for some inspiration and some references so that momma won't refuse to cut my hair, which she quite possibly may chose to go with. 

Whatd'ya think? Keep growing it out or give it a chop. When my hair is long, I want it shorter. When it's shorter, I want it longer. Seriously what is life? Can it not be as easy as those internet barbie games we used to play where you could change their hair back and forth without any issues?! These pictures are persuading me even more, plus look at all the cute options I still have for styling it! Not to worry, I'll keep you posted on what I end up doing.... or not doing! Any hair trends inspiring you to change it up?
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