Beauty Essentials I Can't Leave The House Without...

If you've been out and about for most of the day, you know how frustrating it is to look in the mirror and notice that your makeup is basically all gone at the end of the day. I'm not one for bringing around my whole makeup stash with me but on days when I know I'll need to touch up, these are my essentials!

1. Concealer
This one is seriously a must! Whether it is to touch up a spot that peeks through, redness around your nose, or those pesky dark circles, concealer is perfect to swipe on and pat in with your fingertips! No need for a brush and if it come with a doe foot applicator like the NARS one, even better!

2. Powder + Fluffy Brush
Dealing with oily skin is no fun and if it's hot and humid outside, things can get pretty crazy. I love having a powder to touch up throughout the day and keep the oil at bay. A translucent one is great but one that matches your skin colour works best if you feel like you lose some coverage throughout the day. 

3. Setting Spray
Again, skin is my biggest concern when my makeup seems to dissolve away, so a setting spray that both freshens up your skin and keeps makeup on longer is a true essential. This one is a mini bottle so you don't have to worry about carrying a huge bottle around with you! 

4. Lipstick (Day + Night)
I love carrying around lipstick (I found 6 in my purse the other day...) but two is really all you need. Bring the one you wear during the day and goes with pretty much everything - this one is great to reapply as the day progresses. Then, also bring a fun bright just in case you have something special or fancy to go to in the evening. But in my case, it's mostly to feel extra special if you need a boost of confidence ;)

5. Mini Sample of Perfume
Let's get real here. Throughout the day you may need to walk around a lot and that fresh scent you had in the morning may not be around anymore, if you know what I'm sayin'. Having a mini sample of your favourite perfume makes it say to freshen up and not have to carry around a bottle of perfume (sounds crazy but you'd be surprised at the amount of women who do this!). Next time you're at a department store, don't throw away the perfume samples they hand out! (or buy yourself a rollerball of your favourite perfume)

What are your makeup bag essentials for long days?

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