New Drugstore Releases? Yes, Please!

As exciting as it is for seasonal beauty collections in the world of the high end are, finding new products in the drugstore is probably the most exciting thing since bottled water. Yes, I just compared beauty releases to bottled water, but I digress. I did a little bit of snooping in Walmart and Shopper's Drug Mart, as well as a bit of research online and I've got some new things that may be right up your street (and your wallet won't hate you for it!)

Maybelline always has some great products and recently they've come out with some new things, as well as reformulations of their classics. I used to love their Dream Matte powder but they've changed up the formula and come out with the Dream Wonder powder! I'm a bit hesitant to try this one because I loved the original but Amelia Liana has said she's loving it so I basically don't need any other excuse. Another super exciting launch is their new Expertwear Eyeshadows. The original ones we bought when we were 10 have now been discontinued but their replacement sure looks promising. Saying that they'll be velvety and long lasting, this may be what we've all been waiting for! 
L'Oreal is one of my favourite drugstore brands, mostly because they have my favourite drugstore mascara and foundation under their belt, but this year they are bringing tons of great releases to the Canadian market! First up, Miss Manga mascara. I've heard about this from various UK based bloggers and I was (not so) patiently waiting for it's release in Canada and it's here! If the doll eye effect is your thing, this looks very promising. Another range that was only available abroad is the Nude Collection featuring nude lipsticks that suit afferent skin tones and are inspired by past and present L'Oreal spokespersons (it even comes with perfectly paired nude nail polishes!) Oh, and if moisturizing lip stick/gloss/balm hybrids are your thing, the new pop balms are looking mighty fine! (Side note: Check out their Instagram page for updates on new product releases)

If you're a nail polish hoarder like I am then you'll be excited to know that Revlon recently came out with a new gel formula polish called Colorstay Gel Envy! The craze for gel nails doesn't seem to be letting down and Revlon are picking up on it. The most exciting bit? There is not UV light component! So, if gel nails intimidated you because of that then you really have no excuse to have mirror like shine on your tips. There are some gorgeous colours (Card Shark is my fave) and they look opaque and beautifully shiny. Oh dear, these make me happy! Anyone wanna come along with me to buy some polish?

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Any other releases that you think I should look into?
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