Winners Find: Fresh, Dewy Skin with Clarins

Never thought I'd write a post about this, let me tell ya. I've never been a dewy skin kinda gal, mostly because if you put me in the sun for 10 minutes, my skin will be all kinds of dewy (sometimes not in the best way!) I love the look of glowing skin but I never thought I could achieve it without looking sweaty, until I discovered the Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector (my shade is 02 Champagne Shimmer). 

As always, Winners has the best finds when it comes to high end makeup treasures and I found a tube of this illuminator for just under $16. Sadly, this particular product I think is discontinued as it is now replaced by the Instant Light Complexion Illuminating Base (which is essentially the same thing). This is essentially a sheer fluid that gives your skin a gorgeous glowing quality, but leaves out the huge sparkly particles you can find in similar products. It's essentially a primer that makes you look dewy, so you can put it on all over your face before foundation, or you can use it on the high points of the face after you've applied your base. For this reason I think it's very versatile. 

There is nothing greasy or oily about it which I love, so you can achieve a healthy glow even if it's 30 degrees outside. The shade Champagne Shimmer has a beautiful golden quality to it so I think it works well for giving you that sun kissed look. Overall, I'm super excited I found this at Winners! But, I'll definitely be interested in testing out the newer formula that came out this past Spring to see how it compares. This base comes in three shades: rose, champagne and peach so there is certainly something for every skin tone! Have you tried it before? Any thoughts on the new formula?

I'd love to hear about any hidden beauty treasures you've found at Winners. I took a pass on some amazing Stila Smudge Sticks and I instantly regretted it once I walked out of the store. Gives me a reason to go back, right?
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