Women Who Inspire

One of the most inspiring things for me is seeing that women who are passionate about things they love are able to rise up to the challenge of starting companies in such a male-dominated world. There's nothing better than learning about how someone who is now a well established business woman started off. A majority of the time it's not a glamorous as one may think and things don't happen overnight. That has to be one of the most valuable lessons I've learned from researching the path that these women have taken to get to where they are today! 
Bobbi Brown
 Quite possibly one of the coolest women out there and my biggest inspiration! Reading her story here really opened my eyes to the hard work and dedication needed to make your dreams come true. She has revolutionized the cosmetics world and has developed products that thousands of people love and use daily. One of my favourite things about her is that her goal is to inspire girls to "Be pretty. Be confident. Be who you are" through her Pretty Powerful campaign and I couldn't agree more with her vision. She knows that makeup isn't the end all and be all of feeling beautiful but with it, women feel that much better and can take on the world with confidence to make things happen! 

Tory Burch
This woman is not only beautiful but truly a visionary and exemplifies what it means to persevere and truly find a balance between a career and home life. She never had schooling for fashion design but started off working with brands like Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren and writing for Harper's Bazaar. In 2004, she began making her clothing in her kitchen and just one short year later Oprah was endorsing her! Now that's what I call results. What I admire most about her is that when she does interviews or is part of a conference with other business women, she doesn't hesitate to give them advice and tips she has learned, which I think is amazing! I love when successful people are also humble! Plus, she manages all of this success with raising her children which shows the rest of us, that yes, you can make it work.
Maureen Kelly
 The creator of Tarte cosmetics, Maureen is the perfect example of a woman who created what was missing in the market. She noticed that there were no products available that were filled with good-for-you ingredients and were high performance, so she created her own cosmetics from her one bedroom apartment in New York (I guess her and Tory have a lot in common then!) it's incredible that since 1999 when she launched the company, it has grown 10 fold and is now among some of the most talked about beauty brands in the world. Her vision was clear and she knew that she had to cater to other women who had the same needs, and that it something we can all learn from! I love that she wasn't afraid to do it on her own and for years after starting, was still delivering samples to companies herself and packaging the products with the help of her family and friends. Truly amazing! The best part is that she believes in giving back and has been helping communities in the Amazon improve their living conditions. Now I get why so many of her products are Amazonian ;) 

Who are you inspired by? Comment below and share!


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    1. Thanks Michelle! I just checked out your blog and it's great. Love the travelling features!

  2. I love that story of Tory Burch! She is such a great designer!

    1. It really is a great story, and I would have to definitely agree with you!


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