Saying Goodbye to Fear

Having fears as a child is so common. Whether it's the monster under the bed or being afraid of the dark, our cautious nature shined through. As we get older fear seems to stay around. We develop irrational fears to things like spiders (I for one don't think this fear is irrational but try telling that to my abnormal psychology professor and he would disagree) or even making decisions. The years go by but our fears grow into something much different than what they were in the past. The story takes a turn for the worst when our fears, whether big or small, rational or irrational, start to interrupt our growth and development of trust between us and God.

When you feel a situation looming over you and getting bigger and bigger, you suddenly forget who you have to cast away all of your fears. Fear is often a lack of feeling secure and confident that you will persevere no matter what comes your way. So, you see, the only way to get rid of that pesky guy named Fear is to let him know that your Dad is a million times more powerful and proclaim:

The Lord is my light and my salvation - whom shall I fear? - Psalm 27:1

Think of Fear as a bad boyfriend. There is no way to get rid of the repercussions of his actions unless you break it off, indefinitely. If you don't take this step and believe that with God nothing can make you afraid, your fears will get so big that life itself will be your biggest challenge. Why? Because living with fear stops you from getting further into what God has planned for you. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but soon you'll realize that the things you've always wanted to accomplish will be that much harder for you to grasp if you are afraid to take the necessary steps. In a way, I guess fear and worry go hand in hand. Sometimes they seem like they're the same thing since they are linked so closely. Intense worrying about anything can quickly turn into a fear of that situation or problem, and will cause you to become stuck. Like a wall has formed around you that is so tall, you can't fathom getting past it. Here's the good news. If you weren't so busy worrying and being afraid of overcoming, you would notice that if you walked far enough, there's a secret entrance at the side of the wall. Sure, you could be awestricken by the sheer size of that barrier, but the people who overcome the wall, better yet their fears, are those who don't give up. Those who say "I will find a way". And you will find a way. That wall, that giant that is in your way, you don't need to fear it. Remember the Lord is your light and salvation, He's all you need in life. Take His hand and getting past that barrier is a piece of cake.

Speaking of fear, I think I should probably take this opportunity to get over one of mine. I'm a little bit paranoid and when I started this blog the first thing I thought about was, "Should I include my name?" I asked my friend and she thought I was crazy for being so scared but in my mind I thought about every Criminal Minds episode involving a stalker. I know, crazy. But I guess today is the day I overcome that. So, let me introduce myself a bit more accurately this time. Hi, my name is Nathali! Before you read that and pronounce it like most people do, I'll clarify it for ya. The h is silent, so it's just like Natalie :) Thanks mom for making my name impossible haha! Well that was liberating. I told you getting rid of fears was the way to go ;)

Happy Weekend x

Glorious Peonies.

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