Perfectly Polished: Clean, Fresh Nails

Nail polish. Just hearing those two words get me giddy and reaching for my nail polish remover waiting to see what hue will grace my fingertips next. As the weather starts cooling down (... freezing up is more like it), I tend to reach for darker, vampy shades. That being said, this year soft pinks and nudes are tickling my fancy - that made me giggle just typing it - and I'm not complaining. No matter what time of year it is, there is nothing more satisfying than looking down at your hands and seeing freshly manicured nails that look clean and very Kate Middleton-esque. *sigh* She's so beautiful. Ok, back to nail polish, I tend to get side tracked whenever I think about how gorgeous and ladylike she is. Don't judge!

If you feel the same way or don't but want to see what the fuss is all about, here are some shades that are sure to make you swoon!
Top Row: OPI - (L to R) Bubble Bath // Coney Island Cotton Candy // Samoan Sand
Essie - (L to R) Allure // Fiji // Eternal Optimist
Out of this bunch I'd have to say my faves have to be Bubble Bath and Fiji. In this picture you might think that they're similar but the formulas and opacity are very different. Bubble Bath is definitely sheerer while Fiji is very opaque and gives your nails such a clean, girly look - It's the polish Emily Maynard always wears. And how pretty is that neutral ombre look?! I think I may give that a try soon.

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  1. I love nude pink shades for nails. They're always so classic & perfect for classy occasions like weddings or nice dinners when you don't want your nails to be too loud :)



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