World Travel Through Door Photography

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Have I mentioned enough that I'm in love with Pinterest? Since I haven't (haha!), I'm gonna share my latest obsession to pin - DOORS. That probably sounds really weird but I love finding really cool pictures of different doors from around the world. I love injecting person style into anything, so the fact that people do it through how they decorate their door amazes me! How awesome is it that you can create an atmosphere to your home right off the bat - starting from the moment someone knocks your door. You know me, I'll probably be itching for a pink for with a gold knocker in the near future. As if I didn't want to go New York bad enough as it is, seeing doors snapshots that Amy Stone takes on Instagram makes me even more in a hurry to see the city! I'm so in love with all of the colours in this collage - So Much Inspiration!
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  1. AHHH! I LOVE doors too! I WILL have a red door to my house one day. ;) #ElizabethArden

    1. They're so pretty right?! That sounds like a perfect plan - such an iconic colour too :)


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