Clarins Palette Eclat Face & Blush Powder

It's a new week which means lots of new stuff coming your way! To start off your week I thought I'd share the newest member of my makeup gang which I've been absolutely in love with (it's only been four days but this romance is fo realz!) On Friday I went out with my mom and grandmother to look at the makeup items that were at Winners. I've been extremely surprised at how many amazing brands they offer in terms of beauty and haircare so I was crossing my fingers to find a gem - and I found it! For a few weeks now I'd had this red Clarins box on my mind. They had this palette in the sealed see-thru box and every time I'd take it my hand to take a peek inside at the cashier, I'd put it back down. This time though, I was determined to finally discover what was in that box. Let me tell you, when the cashier opened it up I knew it was coming home with me. A beautiful gold compact slid out of a luxe, red pouch and what was inside was even better - think Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder but way prettier! The Clarins Palette Eclat was part of their Spring collection for 2013 but thankfully you can still find it in stock at Debenhams online (they ship to 66 countries!) If you live in Canada and have access to a Winners, take a look inside because I've seen this palette at 3 locations before - plus it'll cost you a cool $20! Now, onto my rave of this beauty....

First of all, Clarins really outdid themselves with this one. The packaging is amazing and the powder itself is beautifully designed. It almost makes you want to never even touch it but let's not go that far! I was a little worried at first because the bronzier shade of the three looked somewhat light so I thought it wouldn't show up well on my medium skin tone. What I found when I applied this on my cheeks was that it was perfect when swirled with the peachy pink lines! The powder is matte so it's not going to make you look like a disco ball but it somehow gives a natural glow! Depending on your skin tone, some people even say that they can use the darker shade as a face powder which is awesome because it makes this palette incredibly versatile! 

This powder is very smooth and glides across the cheeks seamlessly so you won't have any issues with it looking like it's just an extra, cakey layer. Word of warning though, if you are sensitive to scents then I would give this a good sniff before purchasing. I find the scent to be pleasant and you really can't smell it once it's on your face but then again, I've never been very picky on that front! The shade when swirled together is extremely flattering and looks like a natural peachy flush. I love it so much that it hasn't left my cheeks since I got it and I don't see an end to our relationship any time soon! 

Have you tried this palette? I've been loving all of Clarins makeup releases lately. They're definitely taking a younger, fresher approach which always great. Their cream blushes seriously look beautiful! Anything making you run to the Clarins counter?

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