What's Inspiring Me Lately?

Happy Monday! (I know, did I just say that?!) I'm currently writing to you from the comfort of my desk chair as I get ready for my first midterm of the season, so if for some odd reason I type in anything that makes no sense... blame it on the lack of sleep. Kidding, but in all seriousness this week is going to be really tough so I'd appreciate all the positive thoughts and prayers I can get! I thought today I'd share some things that are inspiring me, whether it be creatively or just personally. I love feeling inspired - it makes my day so much better! 

1. Devon Rachel in the prettiest blush get-up! Ah, this makes me want everything she has on!

2. Haley from Sequins and Things! This woman is a true example of how you can use the platform God gives you to honour and glorify Him in everything. And this tweet I saw?! Basically the most amazing thing, like ever. Yes people may not always understand or want to accept it, and yes, you may be "unfollowed" even in life by people who you thought were friends but that's okay. You did what you had to do and gave Him all the glory! 

3. If you want some Parisian inspiration you need to check out Carin Olsson's Instagram account, Paris In Four Months  - it'll make you wanna hop on a plane stat! Is there a place more beautiful than Paris? I haven't figured that out yet but so far, it's definitely the winner in my books. I could scroll through pictures of the City of Lights for hours. I feel so inspired by everything - architecture, culture, language, FOOD. 


4. The Full Time Girl. If you haven't heard of Lauren DeMoss' blog then you definitely need to check it out. Today is the sites 2nd birthday and in the time that I've read it I've gotten a completely new perspective on my relationship with Christ. She is another person that is an encourager but when she has to tell it like it is, she does and it's for the best because you get hit by a ton of bricks and you wake up. She's woken me up to a lot that I didn't realize before and I know that it'll do the same for you! 


5. The Glitter Guide Pinterest account! If you like amazing photography, tons of glitter (as hinted by the name ha!) and girly-ness extreme.... you've come to the right place. Everything they do is incredible and they've got all kinds of features from fashion to food to DIY crafts. There's surely something that will inspire you here :) (check out this Valentine's Day feature with some of my favourite fashion bloggers!)

That's what's been inspiring me this week... anything in particular you're being inspired by! Please share and don't forget to follow along with me on Pinterest to see everything else that I love. Have a great start to your week and remember to bring God glory in everything!

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  1. AMEN! Stand up and stand out for GOD! You inspired me to do a 'What's Inspiring Me Lately" post! XO, Your Instagram buddy!

    P.S. We should do collaboration for the name of God soon!

    1. I love that... "Stand up and stand out for GOD". Great new motto! I'm so happy it inspired you :) Oh, I would love to do a collaboration. Such a treat finding women in the same journey as I am!!!


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